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5/18/2005 c19 6Wolfwitch
This felt a bit like filler. I'm still curious as to what Devon's going to paint...
5/17/2005 c19 fighting my sanity
“As good as yours?” He asks with a big smile.“Who knows, maybe.”

o0o0o0o0o. -knowing look- lol. So... creep with the knife gonna play any other role? o.0 Guess I'll find out.You're awesome!
5/16/2005 c19 7Maris. S
I don't think that I could have blamed him for running like that... I would too...but I don't think that I'd end up at my hott guy friend's house whom was pulling weeds. Id probably end up running into another crazy physhopath's way...x.x *lol* But for some reason, reading this chappie has made me want to paint now or sketch...i really do need more paint... Great chappie! Update soon!
5/16/2005 c19 2paledaisy78
so are they friends again? when is he gonna fall in love with adriel? they're perfect for each other! i love ur story, keep writing!
5/16/2005 c19 MaK
Good, short but still really good. I'm excited to see how the story continues to develop.
5/16/2005 c19 8lostwoods
oh sure sure...just keep us hanging on the painting. hahaha..don't worry. Hm. I'm so hungover right now I have no brilliant thoughts to say.
5/16/2005 c19 Eugene
totally lovin' it. so short though! plz udate soon
5/16/2005 c19 Beloved Animosity
Hiya! The usual: This story kicks ass! Write more! Love, Hatti
5/15/2005 c19 7K. T. Wood
Yay! Progress...maybe! haha. freaky people on buses are cool...though usually I'm that person! Ah well, everyone needs a hobby! Hmm tangents are fun. AWESOME CHAPTER!Loved it. Yay! Update again soon.
5/15/2005 c19 41Stefen
Argh! Scary knife-man! *cowers in fear* Anyway... :) Nice chapter. Updateness!
5/15/2005 c19 ddz008
Great chapter!I love your updates! XDPoor Devon... must be horrible to have someone following you like that :SWhat a coincidence that he ended in Adriel's house XDI like that their being more friendly with each other.Keep writing please!:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
5/15/2005 c19 2Wendyroo
Wait... I thought his foster-mother was named Charlotte? O_OHeh. Well, anyway, can't wait for the next chappy. ^_^ This is gonna be interesting... Devon and Adriel ALONE in a dark basement... O... Fun, fun, fun! ^_^ Hee hee... Update soon! =D

5/15/2005 c19 SatisfyAnEmptyInside
Hahaha. Psycho. At least it lead him to Adriel, right? *shrugs* I find the whole picking weeds deal odd...but kind of cute in a sense. He's staying for dinner. Yay. Heh. Anyho, can't wait to see what's going to happen next. You'll update soon, I hope.
5/15/2005 c19 LooseNativeMoose
*crosses fingers* he's going to give Adriel a chance maybe? PLEASE SAY HE IS!
5/15/2005 c19 2Naomi Schemer
This was sorta brief...but that's ok. I think my new favorite character in this story is the creepy stalker guy...I mean, how can you not be cool when you accuse people of being from Mars?
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