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7/12/2004 c9 36Rose-Dreamer
yay! I like this chapter a whole lot. keep it going!
6/11/2004 c9 Melanushkia
OH YEAH! I HAVE RED HAIR! Anyway, I don't care that I acted that way, because it's proabley how I would really act. Ahh well, I'm a hopeless romantic!
So, I loved this chapter, and I hated it. SHE LOVES HIM AND HE LOVES HER! WHY DON"T THEY JUST GO OUT, SHE IS BEING SO DUMB! Sorry, but that e-mail got me really angry, how could she do that?
Anyway, I love that I am the total comdiec releif of this story! GO ME! So keep on keepen on and update soon!
6/7/2004 c8 Melanushkia
AH!What the hell does he mean, NOTHING HAPPENING? THEY LIKE EACHOTHER! Teens can be soo annoying...IF nothing happens between them I will have to go give both of they a smack upside the head.
So I love this story so much, even if the main characters are dolts. So kepp on keepen on and update soon!
6/7/2004 c8 Rose-Dreamer
No! Write more!
6/6/2004 c7 1emmaline007
your story rocks! anyway, i thought it was really good! thanks for the review/insight. noah? hm . . . i wonder where that came from? awesome use of mansfield! power 2 the cows!
6/5/2004 c7 Melanushkia
YEYE! You used a lot of my stuff! Like the whole 'stop writing' thing! I am an inspration to you, oh yeah! You also took the real life thing of how I say 'I can take you...amybe not.'! This is so exciting! I am a story character!Does Nina really flutter her eyes when you talk about my beloved? Anyway, I love this chapter, even if I am totally crazed about Ken, which I am not as crazed in real life! SO THERE!
So keep on keepen on and update soon!
Luv ya,
6/4/2004 c6 8Mystic-Rain-444
Ick, ick, ick, ick... Mel, you horrible person, everyone's putting you in their stories now... I wonder what would happen if Mr. J ever read one of these. Hey, wait...I'm getting an idea! Platinum Plan! Anyway, nice story Min, funny name changes... what is Mr. J, same grade as Noah... that makes it less freaky then it already is...funny story...have fun seeing HP! I'll probably see it this weekend too, this is turning into more of an email then a review, so love the story, cya Monaday! Have fun w/ Noah!
6/3/2004 c6 Melanushkia
AH! I am not that annoying! Okay, maybe I am, but still!
Anyway, this was a good chapter (even if I am a huge annoyance in it). I like who my obsesion is...*eyes glazse over and sighs*. Wha? Oh, I'm back, sorry, got lost for a second there. I love the really annoying gril who thiks Noah is so cool, and I LOVE the H.B.G Cheetash, thats so cute. But H.B.G's arent cheetahs, right? I don't know.
So, I love this chapter...*eyes glaze over again*. I'M AWAKE! Keep on keepen on and update soon!
5/29/2004 c5 Melanushkia
La de da, you updated. But you still did the name thing, first you said Nina called, then you said Sara was talking, then it was Nina again. AH! DO YOU PROOFREAD? *throws pillow at your head*. Anyway, you used my last name! YEY! And you used my loves last name too, that made me so happy!
Okay, this is an ansomr story/chapter, but I don't need to tell you that, as I've said it a million times. So keep on keepen on and update soon.
5/26/2004 c4 36Rose-Dreamer
Sorry I haven't reviewed in ages! Well, I still like this story. Maya and Noah are meant to be best friends, and I like how they make sure to keep it that way.
5/17/2004 c4 Melanushkia
First, I hate thoes friends, they are mean. But props for Noah for deffending Maya. Maya is so cool he don't even know it! OH YEAH! Anyway, I so love that Noah is trying to be all nice and keep is image at he same time, he's doing it quite well.
I totally love this, my dear. You gotta keep it up. BUT I WANT LONGER CHAPTERS! I won't get them, I know, but it's a hope. So keep on keepen on and update soon!
5/14/2004 c2 Melanushkia
Alrighty, fist, this was painfully short. If these chapters dont get longer I will eat you. Now, this is a really good story, it is just like what is really happeneing. But I still hate Noah for what he did, that was so mean, how could he? Adn he betta believe he's gonna pay! So there it is, a review. I really like this story and the one about Alex, so update soon!
5/11/2004 c1 Rose-Dreamer
yay! I like this story! My name is Maya! wonder what happens at the daycare center...more!

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