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for Green Allure

7/18/2004 c1 3Figure
Too cool. I LOVE THIS! Every single one of your works is flawless, I swear. I like the slightly obsessive-sounding repetition and the feeling at the end suggests that you could chant this over and over again, always starting with "That flash of green..." Again, too cool. I'm slightly confused about the chains and tides... mostly in the two lines "In clinking flurries...about me rise" which makes it seem to me that in a mere two lines the chains fall and rise up again. Or are the chains and the tides two different things? Like
I say, it confuses me.
Then again, I'm probably boring you with my rambling (typing, writing, whatever) so I think I'll skip off to another work of yours to worship it for you. *impish grin* Perhaps you could check out my work too?
Anyway, seeyas laters!
6/5/2004 c1 29Hangman
Green? I dont get what this poem is about.. is this some kind of violent stimulous-response associated with green? Its odd that you chose that colour if so, otherwise ignore my ranting. Your use of words is nice, I just dont get the subject matter.
5/19/2004 c1 47Mac Attack
WHO IS THIS PERSON? All i could think of was you and your WWU sweatshirt, but I don't think you are in love with yourself...I also thought of Link from Zelda, but that's just as creepy...anway nicely done. Me gusta mucho.

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