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6/9/2004 c13 31Shadow Gryphon
^_^ He. Me missed this chapter, so now I review! Good. Scary-bad. No likey voice-dude. (I'm speaking in baby-talk aren't I? *sigh* But it's *easy*)
Poor David. Wonder what's gonna happen to him. *reads*
6/8/2004 c13 11Wolfie Star26
awesome chapter and sorry for the late review, my computer wasn't working. update soon. i cant wait to see what happens to david and who that is looking through the bars, and who was talking on the recording.
6/7/2004 c13 Anel Featherpen
Hola! I'm back, yay! Good job Alareic, that Project Beta sounds like it's gonna be a real nasty situation.
6/6/2004 c4 12SkyeWolf25
Sad chapter. Good action though and I'll have to complement you on your skills at describing the character's emotions and what they hapen to be doing. Very believabke. I feel sorry for Rowan. Look forward to seeing how this progresses.
6/6/2004 c3 SkyeWolf25
The attack of the Pepsi cans! Ha-hah! Defently liked that part. Then the drunk! Very funny, though, kinda sad that this is happening. In all seriousness, I hope it never happens in real life. Imagine how many lives a bomb similar to the one in your story would claim? *Shivers* Don't even want to think about it!
6/6/2004 c2 SkyeWolf25
I feel sorry for David and Kira. The roles you assigned them were tough, though it will be interesting to see what they bring to the team as the story progresses. Still, otherwise this looks great.
6/6/2004 c1 SkyeWolf25
Thank you for the reviews! I'll read more of this as time goes on. This is pretty big and judging from the bit I read today, I can see why it is so. Wonderful opening and I'll keep a eye on this one and read the rest as soon as possible.
6/6/2004 c13 11Misoshiru
wo interesting! i wonder where david is... actually that was dumb, hes somewhere in... some military complex? i dunno. update soon ok? u also might wanna keep working on ur punctuation... for example, instead of:
"David isn't here!" Karen's eyes shot open skyrocketed into a sitting position.
you should have put:
"David isn't here!" Karen's eyes shot open and she skyrocketed into a sitting position.
cya later then, looking forward to the next chapter
6/6/2004 c12 11Wolfie Star26
awesome, i loved this chapter and the Admiral i'm guessin is kira's father. God and he's a prisoner. That really sucks. anyway, this was an awesome chapter as usual, i loved it, and they planted that voice in the room, hey who knows there could have been a secret entrance in that room. thats what i thought. update soon.
6/6/2004 c12 31Shadow Gryphon
O.o;; More things that are going to show up! And Karen's father, too!
Good chapter!
6/5/2004 c11 Shadow Gryphon
Lucky, very lucky. This is a good story, if not anything that I could write. But I want to know more about Karen...
6/5/2004 c10 Shadow Gryphon
Poor guy... dieing and only wanting Maria to know how he felt... sad. And freaky, about the people in there planning on blowing it up again.
6/5/2004 c9 Shadow Gryphon
Yup, you spelt it right! I guess this means that Karen probably isn't one of them. But maybe she still is...
6/5/2004 c8 Shadow Gryphon
Creepy. Very creepy. But good creepy!
6/5/2004 c7 Shadow Gryphon
Erg, I think she's likely to be one of the zombie-freaks. _ But I can't vouch for that...
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