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10/29/2006 c1 bloodiedXangel
The plot was only ok and you made a lot of spelling and grammer mistakes. The the coma issue wasn't realistic or handled very well.
7/27/2006 c1 NK-lover
Wow what a horrible story. It shows the horrifying thing called rape very good though, by naming every action. Despite the grammatical mistakes, nice to read!
6/30/2006 c1 6Twin Mustang
this story was ok..but there were a LOT of spelling errors, and it didn't really "come alive" for me, if you know what i mean. the plot and story was generally really good and all, but it didn't seem very real.
1/26/2006 c1 Tif
Hey. My thingy is Paige Marie Halliwell. Wow. thats a good story.
1/18/2006 c1 2Little Grey
i did enjoy this story. however, please check the spelling, thats one thing that will ruin the story for me. adn the language wasnt really mature enough for the plot of the story.
1/15/2006 c1 meena
i liked ur story, and would like to know if its based on a true story.
9/17/2005 c1 neoaddcteeim not logged in
Aw that's REALLY good! I liked it :D
7/12/2005 c1 2x.your.brand.new.mistake.x
Hey, Good story but very brutal...God loves you!
6/3/2005 c1 7bitch10180
Imloved it it was the best story I have yet I cant wate till the next part of the story .
1/12/2005 c1 skiddy-mc-hamster
excellent story! nothin more i can say!
8/17/2004 c1 11Peyton Mariegun
Question is this story about you? If so that really really sucks. Anyways awesome writing very detailed!
7/21/2004 c1 Guest
plainly you suck
7/21/2004 c1 2shea-struder
It was a great story! one of love, and caring, and comebacks!
6/24/2004 c1 Jezzebell
wow. That's all I can say. That was a great story. Except for a few minor things, it was great. First off, there was a lot of spelling errors, on your next story, you might want to work on that. Second, that night were Jessica and Brandon almost had sex, no girl would go that far after just revealing that she was raped. But, for those things, it was great.
4/22/2004 c1 26pneumothorax
certain parts badly written. bad choices of words in some places .. be mature about your writing. 'humped' ? uhm .. no. sounded very 11 year old style and .. i didn't really like. just an opinion.
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