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for Insomnia

3/6/2006 c1 9violet bones
wow, i can relate. i loved your wording, it made the poem seem very real. well done!

love, VB
4/4/2005 c1 selene909
i like the consistancy of your poem and how you dont stray to far from your original topic. Your words are simple yet speak alot
12/18/2004 c1 1Drowning in Thought
Wow ash...Kewl! I loved it! I know how that feels. I stayed up till 6 am once...
5/13/2004 c1 fdjvygrjfgdcbegrbejdhend
Ah, I hate having insomnia. Anyways, nice well-written poem. I know what it feels like to not sleep all night.

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