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1/8/2008 c29 demeterr
Oh wow, what a dark story. Love it. Can't wait to read sequel.
1/8/2008 c1 cliched details
I just recently finished reading the Contract... and to tell you the truth it was so awesome! you really have what it takes to be a writer!

i was wondering... towards the end of the story did Katlyn have any classes?...

oh i wish it had a better ending...

Anyway, more power!
1/7/2008 c28 I love mattie
this fic is good! it will be perfect if the girl just accept him and try to teach him how to be human again well a GOOD man at that, I'm glad you make a sequel though let's just see what's in it, I've been unwillingly made to moping around by some fics I've read but never have a fic made me so work up like this fic did to me.
1/7/2008 c22 I love mattie
ok it is not entirely her fault the fucking demon is insane!
1/7/2008 c15 I love mattie
this girl wishes is stupid!

why don't she just wish everything (including:bold*MATT*) to be normal again? the hell if he really was in love with her or not, she's just hurting everyone.

it really makes her look so stupid! I don't know it's a good thing or not that she feel disgusted to herself.
12/29/2007 c11 Somber Rose
Wouldn't it be resentment?

'I watched Amanda for awhile longer, confused at the twisting cold feeling in my stomach. What was it?

Resent? It felt like resent.'
12/3/2007 c29 1Bipolarised

all i can say is wow.

that is one HELL of a story and i absolutely LOVE IT!

congrats all the way and good luck with contract 2!
11/9/2007 c5 1Enchanted Rose
Kat's grandpa is so mean! I wonder what her grandma sees in him. It seems like Kat is wavering in whether or not she wants to make a wish, I wonder what her first wish will be. I can't stop reading this story, it's so great!
11/9/2007 c4 Enchanted Rose
Poor Kat, having to go through all of that. The more I read this the more I'm loving Lure's personality. I like the other characters as well but I think Lure is becoming my favorite.
11/9/2007 c3 Enchanted Rose
She's finally realized that only she can see him. lol! The part about Lure trying to get Kat to make a wish made me laugh out loud. I wouldn't have expected that from him but that just makes his personality even more interesting.
11/9/2007 c2 Enchanted Rose
I like Lure and his name, he seems like a very interesting character so far. I would have thought he was a stalker too! lol! Kat's sense of humor is really funny, even if she's only thinking it.
11/9/2007 c1 Enchanted Rose
Wow, this story is so amazing! A friend told me about it and said it was really good. You're such an amazing author!
11/8/2007 c9 No Name 7429035
That was funny at the end. Reminded me of Harry Potter though O.o lol anyway good job!
11/8/2007 c7 No Name 7429035
Man Amanda's a bitch. Not really a good friendship there. Matt's still an ass...that poor blond kid...I would've wished for him to suffer too Lure...-.- but anyway good chapter!
11/8/2007 c6 No Name 7429035
I like Lure. I hope he gets to be a human...I really wouldn't care if Matt lived or died lol! Well I'm off to the next chapter!
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