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7/22/2009 c1 3snowmyth
hey what the heck is happening around here? why are all the good stories being removed? i'm new here.
7/5/2009 c3 3I'm-The-Weird-Girl
it was a really cool story so far

but why have the chapters suddenly gotten so short?
6/27/2009 c29 SootyKiwi
Im just wandering why the chapters were really short and they left me pretty confused.
6/6/2009 c2 6Just-Unlucky
oh i am so lucky i read your stories a long time ago!

but that must really suck, well you are a really good author and i hope you do get published, you know what they say 'don't let an ass get in the way'...that quote was from a dieting program, well you get the pun.
5/27/2009 c28 Dramatic-Effect
What a disgusting, amazing story.
5/18/2009 c29 1Dark Maelstrom
Wow, what an awesome story! I read the whole thing, very interesting. I liked the ending; I'm not a fan of entirely happy endings. They're very unrealistic. Anywho, I'm off to read the sequel. Update soon!

BTW, can you check out my story Lupus, and leave some feedback? It's nothing like this story and nowhere near as good as it, but you may like it.

5/13/2009 c28 CharlotteBradhadair
no offense but this story has to be the most sadistic story that i have ever read. i know that flames are never appreciated and that i didnt have to read the whole story if i didnt want to but i wanted to know how it ended. and i think that both of the main characters are pshcopaths (sorry i cant spell)

5/9/2009 c4 MelodieCC
what does the titles mean? are they in english? (i doubt it is)
4/28/2009 c29 controlledsoul
Holy freaking shit.

Those were the few words popping up into my head as soon as I finished this story. It was so captivating that I refused to let go of this story until I finished it-which was at 2:15in the morning. Lure is slightly strange- yes. From having mood swings, to attempting to being nice and then possesive. But one thing rather irritating was the fact that she constantly let everyone boss her around and she herself is totally selfish and screwed up. But overall, it seems like he's just psychotic. I mean, really- how did you come up with the idea of this kind of a story? Just wow..But seriously- all in all, this had seriously been one of the best and unexpected stories that I've read on this website.
4/25/2009 c4 CiLoveXh711
whats up with all the complicated chapter names?
4/20/2009 c29 ponder000
Dark but not all dark. A weird dark too, lure is like a feisty cat, like a kitten more than kat. Tony is, well tony. I like him. The grandpa is extreme haha, like unrealistically extreme... the family doesnt even mind.. but i guess kat did say that he twisted the family so that they wouldnt care anymore, but still weird that he is so cruel... there are still some grammar errors though O_O i dont like how kat keeps asking herself, silly questions about lure. she is quite naive i mean to the point of sillyness sometimes, there are also a few inconsistencies in the story. but generally it is quite good since u are a young writer.
4/20/2009 c28 Ponder 000
She said in an ealier chap that he had never called her by name before (katlyn) but he had, the very first time they met.

The story is infuriating, she can never get what she wants!
4/20/2009 c23 ponder000
i dont get it, how come the family cant hear them when they (kat and lure) are yelling so loudly
4/20/2009 c20 ponder000
if lure was holding kat's hand, wouldnt people see a pair of gloves hovering in the air randomly? like amanda and tommy would have seen it and the small kids. also in a previous chapter, he pulled kat's down by the wrist when they were on the living room couch, he couldnt have done that since he cant touch her. he had no gloves or any other material then that i was aware of. Unless it was the cloth but i dont remember reading that he took hold of that...
4/19/2009 c11 2Ponder000
He had nice eyes—wait. Where had that come from?,

sentences like these tend to destroy the mood for me, like its not flowing with the story...
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