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4/19/2009 c10 2Ponder000
Im thinking...Lure said she was going to be all his. Like he would be able to touch her alone or something, what if he turned into her? Nah, that is too absurd right? No lust in that... and if he did morph into her, he would be able to touch others too not just her alone. It was just a random useless thought that i wanted to get out...hms
4/19/2009 c8 Ponder000
GR why doesnt she tell Matt to stop the bullying! He is like a slave to her so he would listen wouldnt he?
4/19/2009 c3 Ponder000
OH i see now =)
4/19/2009 c2 Ponder000
Who are you?” I asked him, furrowing my eyebrows slightly when he began fingering the low collar of his shirt. My gaze involuntarily flickered onto his chest, where I could see some of the skin of his chest. He chuckled softly and leaned forwards on the stool, resting his elbows on the table and cocking his head to the side. I watched as the hair that fell over his eyes shifted to the side on a slant as he did this. While he grinned at me, I noticed he looked sort of. . . wolfish.

from about here, i knew he was imaginary. She does have a hyperactive imagination, but does that mean she can turn so easily into a schizo?
4/15/2009 c28 2AquaGhost
I LOVED the story! I'm going to add it as one of my favs. Good work!
4/6/2009 c28 1quacko
that was so disturbing. my first time reading a horror story (except dracula). wow it was awesome but im gonna be getting nightmares for next few days.
3/20/2009 c29 maxineee
god, i loved that. it was so freaking captivating and yet so...psychotic. lol. i loved it. lure was so freaking awesome! he was crazy as hell, but damn. i just...loved his character. haha. man...that was cool.
3/2/2009 c28 silver shaft
whoa that was insane. quick read but i liked it a lot! on to the next one...
3/1/2009 c1 silver shaft
nice! i like it. and for some reason i really like matt...sigh it's always the jerks who attract us :).

i'm planning on reading the rest soon...it snowed a bunch today so i'm hoping that tomorrow we'll have a snow day. but i'm really interested to see where this goes!
2/16/2009 c29 Caroline Viteri
Oh haha, it was just a note. ^_^ Oh well, on to The Contract II!
2/16/2009 c28 Caroline Viteri
OMG! I can't believe it! A mental institute? Amanda's DEAD? I can't believe Katlyn tried to kill Lure. I can't believe Lure possessed her and made her kill Amanda. Wow, what a surprise ending! But there's one more chapter! I wonder what it says. Omg, I have to see wat happens next. o_o
2/16/2009 c26 Caroline Viteri
Omg Lure is so sexy. w Poor Tommy, I thought he was gonna die! Good thing Lure's human side got in the way of that. I was actually glad when Matt died. Katlyn was better off without him anyway. I don't know why she would even want to revive him. Yeah... I love Lure's possessiveness over Katlyn.
2/15/2009 c24 Caroline Viteri
Nicee! Lure sure knows how to fluster Katlyn. He was molesting her, while her mom was outside waiting for her. I wish I was Katlyn... Oh it sounds weird, me wishing to be a fictional character. But she seems so real! Oh well. I'm going to sleep now. I've been reading this story literally ALL DAY. xD
2/15/2009 c23 Caroline Viteri
OMG! Lure is human! This is amazing! I knew Katlyn couldn't resist him for long! ;] Aww, I wanted to see them fuck... Does that sound weird? o.o'' Yeah well, whatever. xD Omg, I can't believe I'm almost done with The Contract I and i only just started today. xD I can't wait to see what happens! Lol, just a few more chapters...
2/15/2009 c19 Caroline Viteri
Haha that was hot! Lure making Katlyn feel him up like that! xD And Omg, I can't believe Kat would still wanna revive Matt after all he's done to her! But I'm so excited! I can't wait to see what will Katlyn's last wish! Hopefully she (or Lure) don't mess this one up! I can't wait to see what will happen once Lure is finally human. xD I think I've said this before, but I'm glad I decided to read this story. The Contract is the best, most original story I've read on FP so far. :]
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