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4/19/2005 c1 Shadow-Fire2007
glenn:that was entertaining the 99 bottles of beer part is trueshadow: yes it was entertaining I enjoyed the whole thingInfernus: oh shut up you stupid neanderthal. this was sgood but its way of entertaining was short lived...glenn: hey in fer nus this was written by a good friend of mine so ...

shadow: dont say a bad $king thing about it .Glenn: sorry about them
8/30/2004 c1 20My Psychosis
Hmm, it's coming together a bit more, I must have read the other story out of order. You should put that disclaimer on the other stories that you use the forms of "shi" on too, because I did think they were typos! Sorry!
Except I'm still a bit confused, or maybe I read them completly out or order! lol! But are snowfur and the rest some kind of dog or animal, or are they supposed to look like humans?
Anyway, this story is a bit easier to understand, and there are much less typos so far. I can't wait to read the other chapters!

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