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6/21/2014 c1 Nana
I love the story! Especially the twisted first ending, its nice to not always have a happy ending.
5/30/2014 c13 Akikku Ryudo
I've read this so many times and gotten so many nosebleeds! I like how the first ending isn't a happy ending.
5/27/2012 c1 8Graydarkness
Very interesting beginning, I can't wait to see where the story takes us next... :-D
6/13/2010 c1 Nathaniel Foster
well well you have a hidden talent my friend, of course im on a sugar high right now so alot of things are great. but you did good. I do need to mention that there are a few errors and such, but im sure you have gotten comments about them.

signed The one and only Tim Curry, lol just kidding N.F.
11/3/2008 c14 spankingfemfatale
Very glad you rewrote the ending of this story, I hate seeing characters die, and I'd have hated to see Adrien left in such hands! That said, the other ending wasn't bad, and was in fact rather touching with its finality in death, but I do so like a happy ending :P Great fic hun!
11/3/2008 c1 Spankingfemfatale
Oh nice! I love a good kidnap enslavement fic *giggle!*
9/21/2007 c13 Ash
I can't believe you killed him...he was my favorite...very well written story though.
7/13/2007 c13 10Volurin
On second thought...I didn't like it. XD. Too boring for me. Sorry to be so rude but hey, writers need the truth and that's what I'm doing. Sorry!
7/13/2007 c1 Volurin
Tee hee hee. Oh dear Lord. This is one of "those" yaoi's. The one-male-is-more-dominating-then-the-other type of yaoi. Oh what a wonderful timing this is when I'm super tired, reading this story. I was laughing when he started to spank Adrien; so damn funny! I wasn't sure whether to class that as bondage or not...but...since Adrien didn't exactly enjoy I guess not. He needs to use a belt! A belt I say!

Not bad so far, I'll continue reading. I just had to say this because I am rather amused by this story at the moment. XD
5/18/2007 c13 Midnights Scream
I'm sorry, but that ending really sucked.You could've warned me one of the main characters was going to die *sniffle*
5/15/2007 c10 Midnights Scream
yep.I've read it, but I shall continue to read it 'cause I still think I haven't read all of it.:)
5/15/2007 c7 Midnights Scream
I've read this story before, but I don't think I read the whole thing and I'm refreshing my memory!
5/1/2007 c7 wilko4523
aw poor adrien, he got spanked lol


p.s. i love clockwork orange to its so gd bt kinda wierd lol milk parlours and all that jazz, you know it was banned for ages before it was made legal again
5/1/2007 c5 wilko4523
yay, finally some gd sex lol. but adrian really has to wake up ans smell the sex and get into it basically lol
5/1/2007 c4 wilko4523
hah that was gd, but kail needs to return now...i miss him lol
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