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6/17/2004 c1 8htmraw
Wow, cynical... definately. Besides, what wrong with laughing at drunk people. They're amusing.
Maybe thats a bit insensitive... but, sometimes laughing at people is better.
6/5/2004 c1 9QuillKitten
It seems to have both views of the drunk and the not drunk? I like the line, "Drunk on happiness or happy with my drunkenness." Because its like a twisted truth, because most teens, probably, don't drink because they're happy or its just fun. This poem is ravaging though, very angry. The flow wasn't as nice as the other poem I read, still fine tho. I must admit I'm really not a very angry person... But at least I have all my poetry to express the inside of me so I can wear a partial mask everywhere else. You live in Australia right? Do you have a drinking age? What is it?
5/22/2004 c1 tinydog
cam is a great writer.
i love this poem, cause it is exactly what it was like.
i was there. and not drunk and sad.
but what you wrote described the mood of everyone and the shed, perfectly.
and you used italics, which is always good.
and you got writers block and pissed off at sillybitch teacher too.
have a nice day, and radiohead loves you, oh and so does muse, who you love.

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