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3/14/2010 c20 pille-ip
Great! Really great! Don't have much words to describe because I'm still off somewhere in Min&Nadir&Lin&Faun&Sky&Gray-land :) I really like the contrast of the characters, the angst&society pressure topic makes them even more believable&real + the touch of magic in the story or should I say fantasy/supernatural side gives it extra cookie points. I really like the setting - it seems so... real I'd say.
6/30/2008 c20 i-see-faeries
Christmas story here I come! I'm kind of wondering who Rain and Janet are ... I might have to read Then and Now to figure that out? LOL. I love this just as much as the first one. Great job.
3/4/2008 c20 4frolic-horror
The fact that I finished this too (I have read everything from "Then and Now" till here) just proves that you really did a great job. My main negative critique is linked to grammar and spelling and that really is not such a negative critique :P (for instance you keep saying "miner" instead of "minor" - which can lead to funny misunderstandings :)) ). Nadir is an interesting character and I hope to find out the consequences of his comming out to his family and to the King. Also I wonder why is he such a good dancer - are all feys good at dancing?
1/22/2007 c20 6the sacred night
Heelarious. Great ending, very happy and cheerful and wrapping things up nicely. And I nurse great hopes for details on that outdoor orgy.
1/22/2007 c19 the sacred night
Ah, reunion. I do wish you'd put a line or something when you change scene, because I had to read the sentence "Sky? What in the world is that?" about eighty times before I realized it was Grey speaking to Sky about the coach. Or even just putting "Grey asked" after the quote would make it clearer. I was thinking Min was asking Nadir something about the actual sky, and it confused the crap out of me.

It amuses me that not only did Nadir still get the coachman's name wrong, he appears to have introduced him to everyone wrong as well, since everyone bid "Onyx" goodbye.

Ah, and Blue did survive the trip. Cool beans. He'll be a cute addition to the crew. What was that about Min and Nadir being his charges? Is he really some sort of genuine magical being watching over them, or was that a joke?

The conversation about making holiday plans was kind of sad, and as I thought about it, I realized none of them have perfectly accepting families. Nadir and Grey have both burnt their bridges pretty thoroughy (although I loved the way Nadir did it deliberately and with pride, kaaping his diginity instead of begging or running away in tears). Sky and Min both have families that love them, but when the topic of their sexuality comes up, it's a little shaky, or at least that's the impression I got of Sky's parents from how he spoke of them with Sam, we never actually got to meet them. Same story for Tsin, since he's got the same family as Min. We don't know one gosh darn thing about Taz's family, so who knows about them? And neither Lin nor Faun has any family to speak of at all. I'd imagine Faun has some biological relatives, but since he wasn't raised with them, he's probably uninterested in getting to know them, and seeing as how they allowed him to become a pet, I'm not so sure they're worth getting to know. Although maybe he is related to some other pets? Presumably if his parents would sell one embryo, why not more? Or maybe they just mass donated eggs and sperm, which were later used for creating pets? I dunno, I'm still curious about how the whole thing works. Maybe more details in a future story? And as far as Lin's family, I assumed for a long time he had no living relatives. He mentioned the queen being a relative, and apparently he's on good enough terms with her that she'll do him a favor, although considering she probably has him to thank for her throne in a roundabout way, I guess she would. Still, he doesn't seem particiularly eager to have her for a visit, although I very much doubt his sexuality is the reason for that. And the smaller characters, I don't guess we know details on any of their family situations. I wonder if the guys who live in the tree out back will be coming to Christmas?

That last scene with Min and Nadir consummating their love was sweet and tender. I like.
1/22/2007 c18 the sacred night
And finally we meet the obligatory one understanding person in the mass of adversity. I like her explanation that Nadir was a loner and afraid of being hurt before, because it really does highlight how much better his life is in the mortal realm, even though he misses home too.

The title of this story really brings that to the front as well, with the play on the phrase and all. It's beautifully sad.
1/22/2007 c17 the sacred night
Lin is so fucking smart. And I just bet Min will need that fan-which-is-actually-something-else.

It amuses me that the 'kitty twins' like the idea of Min and Nadir together. Really, they seem just like any straight girls with a fascination for gay guys. It's somehow pleasing to see something so normal in such an unusual setting.

I like how Blue is becoming a character, and has a personality without ever speaking. It's incredibly cute. Are you planning on revealing what exactly went wrong with the spell that made him come to life? And what happens when Min tries to take him back to the mortal realm?

I like Nadir's outfit quite a bit... although he seems to have a closetful of great ones, like as I recall a pair of leather pants that lace up the sides that he just *happened* to take with him on the last break... never know when you'll need those... and that unforgettable getup from when we first met him. And really, the other characters seem to have awesome clothes whenever the occasion merits them also. You definitely have a thing for clothes, I can tell.

And... dun dun dun... the Royalty. Bleh. *sticks tongue out in Killian's general direction*
1/22/2007 c16 the sacred night
Bad Prince, minus ten points for being so damn obvious.

Somehow I expected more. This is already resolved, barely a chapter after it began. It's sort of anticlimactic. I did think having Min actually turn into a rabbit was a nice touch. I don't suppose he can do that on his own, but it was cute while it lasted. It was also sad, though, since he couldn't even recognize Nadir and even though he didn't do any permanent damage, he did hurt him, which had to hurt emotionally, too.
1/21/2007 c15 the sacred night
Geez, I didn't exactly like the guy, but I didn't expect him to do something so abjectly evil. And does he really think no one will notice? Especially, as he said, since Min is under the protection of the Unseelie? I can see how he said all that stuff about Nadir not really caring about Min that much to make Min give up, but surely he doesn't really think Nadir will just ignore something like this? Although, if after his mysterious disappearance, Min just happened to be felled by two hunters who didn't recognize him until they went to haul their kill home, then I guess it could be chalked up to an accident, but still... if Killian did it, it would still look rather suspicious, and if Nadir did it, he'd be too distraught to even think about ever getting with Killian. I guess if he really believed it was his fault, though, that might drive him to Killian once he got over the initial shock and depression. If that's his plan, though, then he's not only evil, but cares nothing for Nadir's well being whatsoever. Although, even if he made it look like an accident, he'd still have Lin to contend with... but then he might reason that if he tricks Nadir into doing it, that will aid in convincing Lin (or whomever, since I don't guess he really knows who Lin is) that it was indeed an accident. Obviously none of it will actually work, but I'm just trying to follow Killian's thought process.

This dramatic revelation that Killian is positively vile is an interesting follow up to Nadir's speech about Killian and Feudalism being ultimately good for everyone. Plus that 'dreamy inattention' of last chapter upon returning from their day among the happy serfs sounds suspiciously like there's some kind of magical anodyne at work. Or maybe that's just me being suspicious, because I'm suddenly suspicious about a lot of stuff.
1/21/2007 c14 the sacred night
Min, you sneaky devil. Lin would be so proud.

Nadir's life sure has gotten complicated. What a difference from the coy stripper we first met. I really like the depth of character we're getting from him.
1/21/2007 c13 the sacred night
Are we to understand that Grey and Sky finally did it? And I was thinking it'd take forever. Cheers.

And, ah, Faun finds out about Lin's activities while at the Home. I know it was just in the interest of the mission, but Lin did promise Faun a long time ago that he wouldn't have sex with other people even on missions. It was in "Then and Now Part 2" Chapter 2, when Faun wanted to know why Lin was wearing a dress, and he explained about having to get close to someone, and Faun was like "How close?" and exacted a promise. So I can imagine he'll be a little perturbed by this, and maybe require a more serious talk this time on how Lin actually feels about women, since he didn't really answer Faun when they talked about it before. I look forward to it, since it should reveal quite a bit about the characters.
1/21/2007 c12 the sacred night
Well, Min changed his opinion awfully fast, didn't he?

I'm intrigued by this discussion of the merits of Feudalism, or something vaguely resembling it. So far, though, it seems a far cry better than actual Feudalism in any way it's been practiced by humans. We like to romanticize it, but it wasn't at all that pleasant or that selfless on the part of the rulers. I can hardly imagine that the peasants felt so protected and loved by their lords. Sure, the lords did provide *some* amount of protection and security, but with everything that was expected in return, there is little doubt who had the better end of the deal. Before you ask, yes I have done research, I'm not just guessing based on the media's representations. And in the end, it was rebelled against and abolished, which proves they weren't exactly happy with the system. You've given it somewhat of a dark side, but I think you're still sugarcoating it quite a bit, unless you're planning on revealing something much worse later.

It is unsettling, though, how Nadir talks about some creatures being happier protected by someone else because it lets them keep their innocence, because it sounds like he's talking about children, like he views these creatures as children. Of course, children need to be protected by adults, and need to keep their innocence, but isn't it better to be an adult once you're able? You lose that naive, blissful ignorance, but you gain so much more. I would never go back to being a child, even if I could. Yeah, being self sufficient kind of sucks sometimes, like when I have rent due and can't spend money on anything for fun, whereas when I was a child, I got fun things all the time and didn't have to worry about the rent. I would still rather be an adult, though, because even though I have to suck it up and make difficult adult decisions, I prize the sense of independence that comes with it, and the ability to make other decisions for myself that are significantly better, like choosing where I live instead of having my parents choose, and like a host of other things in my life. I'd take the freedom and independence of my adult life over the security and naivete of my childhood any day, and I think any adult would. It sounds like Nadir disagrees, and thinks those creatures would rather remain in a childlike state, but really, who is he to say what they would rather do? They haven't had the opportunity to choose or to see any other way of living, so of course they love what they have, because it's all they know. Maybe some would choose to remain as they are, sheltered and completely dependent, but if they don't have the opportunity of making that choice, who knows? Nadir? Killian? Somehow, I think neither.

Although, once again, something ultimately dark and evil becomes all the more disturbing when a positive, attractive face is put on it, so perhaps that's what is happening here. I do hope that's what you're planning, because it's already taking in a sinister appearance for me.

It amuses me that there are actual fauns in the story. It would amuse me greatly if Faun met one, but I don't suppose that's in the cards.

The discussion of Min's and Nadir's relationship in terms of top/bottom status is interesting, too, and I'm looking forward to more on that. It seems important in this story in general, since you focused on it a great deal with Lin and Faun. BTW, I find it interesting that Lin ends up being consistently the bottom when he appeared to have liked it on top the couple of times they did it like that. I dunno, the idea of him in any sort of submissive role still sorta messes with my mind. He's dominant and very much 'the man' in the relationship, in every way except sexually. It's disorienting. We may never find out how Sky and Grey deal with this... I have a guess, but then I was wrong about Lin and Faun, so who knows?
1/20/2007 c11 the sacred night
Haha. I wish these Min and Nadir chapters were longer, they seem so full of potential.

Of course Killian would spoil Min's and Nadir's good time, damn him. Usually I tend to like these hot villain types even when I know they're evil (or at least not particularly upright), but you've done a good job of making me curse when he enters the scene just like I imagine Min would if he could.

I created an account at deviantart so I could look up your pics you keep mentioning, but I'm not used to browsing the site, since when I go there I'm usually following a direct link to the picture I want. How do I find your profile? Seems like it only lets you search based on what's in the pics, not the artist's name, but I must just not be doing it right.
1/20/2007 c10 the sacred night
It's so amusing to see Lin and Faun act like this when you know how they usually are... and even more amusing when you realize it's only partially acting.

Is it weird that I found Lin's bad cop routine kind of hot?
1/19/2007 c9 the sacred night
Despite the daring escape, I experienced so many unpleasant emotions in this chapter. This mostly began with Lin's remembering the admonition to "Lie back and think of England." I'll be out of sorts all evening. To me, pretty much the saddest thing ever possible is a person having sex and not enjoying it. Even if it's consensual, it's wholly, inexpressibly sad for me if someone is just enduring it. I actually didn't feel that much sympathy for Lin, and I don't think we were meant to, with how he acted afterward, it's just that the phrase calls up other, far darker, sadder images that don't fit in with the tone of the story, or not for me anyway. Maybe some readers aren't so sensitive to the plight of the Victorian woman, and so the phrase wouldn't seem out of place or disturbing to them, who knows.

Sam is getting really attached to Lin, isn't she? I recall a little bit of a crush was mentioned before, but it's really foregrounded in this chapter. It was kind of callous of him to tell her to behave, though, because even if he knows (how could he not?) it's still pretty rude to make a big deal of it like that. And it's really amusing that she both sees through his attempt to ditch her and then wants to be taught to steal cars. She's just like Faun in that way, excited by crime and the trappings thereof mostly because she's not acquainted with them on any deep level.

As much as it bothered me in some ways, I thought the way you chose to portray Lin's "sacrifice" brought up some interesting issues. The idea that it's possible for a man to be sexually harrassed/assaulted by a woman and not be secretly enjoying it, for one. Like whenever a high school teacher gets involved with a student, if the teacher is male and the student female, the media jumps on it fairly easily as being rape, but if the teacher is female and the student male, then everyone decides she really did something cool. Although, that idea is kind of destroyed by how easily he shrugs it off and it actually does put him in a good mood, although not because of sexual pleasure. You provide an interesting commentary on the whole thing by describing the responses of the witnesses as varying based on gender, ie. the women try to comfort him and show sympathy, seeing him as a victim, while the men really don't do anything.

Also, it was a pertinent choice to have him not enjoy it (or not in a sexual way- I guess he did enjoy the whole espionage bit). I mean, I recall that he is bisexual, so you could conceivably have had him enjoy it, but you didn't, presumably because he is in a relationship. Throughout the story, you've had him stay consistently uninterested in anyone other than Faun, which is refreshing, since as I'm sure you know, bisexuals are usually portrayed as sluts in the extreme. It's nice to see a happily monogamous bisexual, since a lot of people think bisexual are incapable of monogamy, or that it's at least a strain for us.

Speaking of Lin and Faun being monogamous, I found it really sweet that Faun called Lin his husband. I've thought of them as basically married for awhile now, but you never used any of the language associated with traditional marriage. I find it refreshing when people in homosexual relationships are comfortable enough to use traditional heterosexual words. Like a lesbian friend of mine around age 36 calls her significant other her partner, whereas another lesbian friend of mine around age 22 calls hers her girlfriend. I like that it's accepted enough that we can start using those traditional, heterosexual words instead of inventing PC words for ourselves that mark us as 'other.'
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