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for Never to have been

7/12/2004 c1 7maevegirl12
This is an excellent story, up until the end. Keeping in mind I have, as Mr. Knight says, been terribly affected by Disney movie endings, but I just found the ending to be so very disappointing. Its very dark, devoid of any hope, but at the same time its a mask. The way the character talks in the beginning, you know that obviously he's not a pessimist. But when he comes up against a minor setback, he dismisses it by just saying that it doesn't really matter because life is all meaningless anyways. This, to me, just seems like a weak excuse to hide behind. On the other hand, he has just had his heart broken and that does things to people. The ending is very you though, I saw it coming from the beginning. All in all, it was a good story. Very descriptive, honest and I love how you put elements of yourself into it. That always makes for a compelling read. Keep it up darlin.

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