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for Live to Kill, Kill to Live

7/18/2004 c1 ABloodyBlackRose
It was interesting. The detail was great and it was just a good poem...
Darkness and Pain
7/18/2004 c1 Devi-Witch
Cool! i love blood!
6/1/2004 c1 4ZaYnE
it is good. this could be a song well if that isnt what it actually is but yeah keep writin.
5/30/2004 c1 13hauntingtheliving
Wow..i dunno what else to say.. i love it ^^ cant wait to read more =D
5/25/2004 c1 10Rebecca Kelsey
I feel really inspired to write a vampire story or poem right now. hm...yeah. I already have an idea! Thanks for the inspiration! :p lol. Great poem.
5/24/2004 c1 81daphnegray78
*claps hands in delight* Ooh, I love this poem! *chatters excitedly* I love vampires...and this poem really describes them well. Keep up the stellar work! :o)
5/24/2004 c1 7Sterces
o... Dark... But juicy! I like!
5/24/2004 c1 Brandy Bear
wow very nice i love vampires out of all of your poems this is my favorite

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