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for The Institue - Prologue

6/20/2004 c1 3JessieRose
Good start! I found this fic on Quick Picks, and it would be great if you could continue it! But since you posted it like three years ago, there seems little chance of you continuing! Anyway just thought i'd let you know, good prologue! ^_^
2/12/2004 c1 35Infinity Plus One
Interesting... You should really develop this further.
1/12/2001 c1 fern
nice beginning to the series...what will happen to Baily?
1/4/2001 c1 stripped
good.. makes me wanna read the rest. which is what you were stabbing (pun intended)for, right?
1/3/2001 c1 Blush
This caught my attention, and I intend to read the other parts you've posted. There are just a few minor points I'd like to bring up, such as checking for grammar, and believability (if that's even a word, lol). The sentence "Shut up..." is a little jarring to read because it's hard to picture anyone actually saying that while in what I can only assume is a psychotic rage of some sort.

All in all it's a very interesting prologue.

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