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6/25/2004 c2 37Peachez 24
Definitely an intriguing description. The two to be married certianly seem to be quite spunky to say the least. Either way, keep writing and update soon!
Peachez ^_~
6/25/2004 c2 14Willow Elandria
Wonderful descriptions...
"the machine that ran on misleading smiles and hearts beating in synchronized, meaningless beats, under the neon cover of the night" - excellent, and sadly true of most if not all cities.
Once again, an excellent and moving ending.
6/25/2004 c1 Willow Elandria
Very well written. The ending is especially excellent - powerful and poignant.
6/24/2004 c1 MsgBoardHobo
I just realized you are a mam. Apologies!
6/24/2004 c2 MsgBoardHobo
Sir, despite being short, this is a FANTASTIC piece, well spelled, gramatically correct, and very true.
'Zen', is the metaphorical essence of pondering. With the advent of the technocratic generation, 'Zen', has all but dissappeared, be it wondering about the complex nature of things, or studying in depth the Bible and Christ.
Wright on, and ignore the silly fools who have not yet reviewed your story. Spectacular!

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