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for The Perfect Man

7/20/2005 c1 Akiko Suzuki
Lol ^_^ it seems that animals make better friends than humans their loyal and if you treat them right they will always be with you...
8/6/2004 c1 20Lady Jedi
heh, that was good,You really are good at leading a reader with your words, Sometimes I think that dogs (or cats) make better partners than humans, You don't have to listen to their crap for one! Kudos
P.S If you ever get the chance, Read some of my stuff, LJ
5/29/2004 c1 81Ultimate Schuyler
Lol. ^_^ One spelling error: gait, not gate. Okay, that's it. It was funny! ^_^
5/26/2004 c1 22slave to the voices
Very cute. I know it must be hard to find the perfect man, there are so few of us out there. But, please, don't settle for a dog. Sure he's obedient, cuddly, smart, fun, he doesn't talk back...crap I hope my wife doesn't read this. Anyway, a great little story, keep writing.

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