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for The Musicians Prayer

6/7/2004 c1 Delete Name
Nice poem. I really liked it. It flowed beautifully, and I enjoyed the imagery.
5/31/2004 c1 2mks-wannabe
hey, first off: i am sorry if u have sent me ne e-mails. my computer has been like wack and i cant access yahoo at all! soo sorry
now about ur poem:
i like it alot! it's really really awesome. it's amazing some of the things u'll find if u dig deep enough yea? very nice.
5/28/2004 c1 31luna-lovegood129
aw.a nice prayer.warm.music.what else is there to say?good job.
5/27/2004 c1 8Tahm the Lame
Oh, wow. I love this! Short, sweet, concise, and full of wonderful imagery. New but with a hint of good old hymns in there. Excellent. :)

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