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for Poetic License: A Story of Rebellion

10/6/2005 c11 kate
:`)i love you!
6/9/2004 c11 kate
*read while listening to the doomed sounds on evanescence's imaginary*
well...its true, i have to give you that...:)
6/9/2004 c10 kate
i like the metaphores
6/9/2004 c8 kate
i like this one!...*smiles*
oh btw, did madlock ever pull you of to the side about it yet?
5/29/2004 c1 27Brighty
now to the serious reviews... I didn't want to review each poem by itself, so I'm writing a general review here. Firstly, I want to say, even though Ma.. um... Peaches? (Sensekey - lol) did give really stupid assignments, you've managed to write some meaningful poems, filled with your personal views and feelings. I did like some of your thoughts, such as "What I used to be and what I am now". Some of the poems were kinda crude, you shoulda put them under "angst". Good job, on the whole!
5/28/2004 c2 Brighty
No comment on the poem itself... Just one thing: you GOTTA meet my Gothic friends.
5/28/2004 c7 CW-nerd-12
God, I hate fill in the blank poems too. I just recently finished taking a class about actual poetic forms (the sonnet, meter, villanelle (villain-elle, I hate villanelles), pantoum, sestina, ballad, ect. ect.) and It was a lot better than having to do a fill in the blank poem. I actually turned out some pretty good and original stuff for mine. The clostest thing I got to a fill in the blank poem was an acrostic (which is actually respected around the poetry community, as long as you do something original with it). My acrostic was actually a pretty good piece about judas (the first letters of mine all spell out, "into your hands, I commend my spirit.") Keep writin'!

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