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9/18/2004 c46 2Crimson Muse
Nice ending, would like to know more about Natire's situation, is he gonna die or wat? ...ah i'm being heartless again -.-'' eh well, the ending note was very nice though.
9/8/2004 c45 11Poetrybay
Thankyou for uploading your story I've read this story three times and its one of my favorites stories so far on fictionpress. I hope you get this book publish on hardcover and let me know when you do I'll be the first one buying the book and supporting you all the way to the top because my goal is to become a publish author also
PS love the story you think about getting it publish cah darling keep up the good work
8/27/2004 c43 Absent Sanity
GIRL POWER! WHHOT Do not mess with women! Sensei Shayne said that women are the most powerful of all, the just don't realize it...HES DAMN RIGHT! At least he got something right...for once...
8/27/2004 c42 Absent Sanity
O! Does Aulra kick Malvae's ass? Huh Huh Does she? GIRL POWER! Equalization between the sexes!. Hn
8/27/2004 c41 1Absent Sanity
Aulra kicks ass...Chaia is too trusting! *wacks Chaia with her wooden sword* Use your brains girl! Can't you see that he's falling in lurve with you? Huh? Where's your head at? Dyou know what Sensei Shayne said? He said that guys are easy. He said that they are simple to read because their feelings aren't complicated, like a woman's.
8/26/2004 c41 2Crimson Muse
AHAHAHAHA WHO GO AULRA! EHEHEHEHE do break another priceless vase or anything else that'll break and aim it at the dude's head! XD Question, why the hell are those girls trusting those demon-dudes not to have poisoned/drugged the food? ...UNDERWORLD!...Hmm i'm not dead yet...ehehehe just too fun to annoy pissed off pple and make them more pissed off...and then run and hide XD
8/22/2004 c39 NyAbsent Sanity
Shame on you for not updating sooner! SHAME SHAME!
8/21/2004 c39 Crimson Muse
Pretty short but there was a nice look into their characters.
8/21/2004 c38 Crimson Muse
I like Malvae a hell of a lot better than the others, the kidnapping was a bit obvious and i'm not surprised really, no offense. Anyways glad to see you still writting
8/21/2004 c31 11Poetrybay
I just join a few days ago but that's not why I'm writing I'm writing to you because I endeed love the book especially when ryu found chaia and the others the book is tight love it.
7/29/2004 c35 1Absent Sanity
*Twitch* Food?...*twitch twitch* I WANT FOD! *runs downstairs to get some leftovers* What I didn't have a big dinner. Just a Tace. THATS NOT ENOUGH! I JUST DIDNT HAVE THE MONEY!
7/29/2004 c35 2Crimson Muse
More more more more more
7/29/2004 c34 Crimson Muse
Yum food ^^ although personally i'm not inclined to trust anything in the Underworld, a bit too risky in my opinion, i'm sure Kage and Shall will agree with me lol us paranoid freaks ^^
7/29/2004 c33 Crimson Muse
yay finally some action! who!...ok you know wat i'm gonna say, MORE I WANNA READ MORE update UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE! lol ^^ okies? *mutters* like you've got a choice...MUWAHAHAHA I'LL SEND MY MINI FLYING HIPPOS TO ANNOY YOU!
7/29/2004 c32 Crimson Muse
Yay kick ass time! WHO! ^^ MUWAHAHAHA ALL THE BLOOD AND PAIN! EHEHEHE! reminds me of a brained squirrel i saw on my way to the library yesterday...weird...anyways here's something i think you'd find interesting, i sure did and had a hell of a time with the info ^^
*according to Math the Younger- Asmodeus, Astaroth, Belial, and Beelzebub rule under Lucifer, the fallen one. Asmodeus rules in the West, Astaroth in the East, Belial in the North, and Beelzebub rules in the South. Lucifer of course reigns supreme over all Hell*
I like Asmodeus' name the best followed by Astaroth and Belial, I really don't like the name Beelzebub though. Lol MUWAHAHAHA and it's just so fun to butcher High Daemons' names like Asmodeus=Assy! No it's not pronounced (ass-y) it's pronounced (azz-ie) ok? lol don't ask, anyways UPDATE! i wanna see AT VERY LEAST ONE more update today, more than that is even better though...HINTHINT! lol ^^
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