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7/28/2004 c31 2Crimson Muse
MUWAHAHAHAHA PH3AR THE ALMIGHTY ROASTED MARSHIE-MELLOWS! anyways...i havta agree with Na-chan and Kaggy, it's NOT funny it's just ICKY EW...i mean EW...and EW O.o lol come on write more woman!
7/28/2004 c30 Crimson Muse
Blargh, the whole chap was and is so very sickeningly sweet...now if there were roasted marshmellows involved then everything would be good, i mean come on, there are 2 fire users, SOMEBODY and by somebody i mean somebody who'll share with me if not me should take advantage of that fact and ROAST SOME MARSHIE-MELLOWS! WOH! ^^ other than that it was pretty fun
7/27/2004 c29 Absent Sanity
You know damn straight, I'm going to review. WHoo, it's the others. I can see it already...Kage Glare at them...Rest glare back. Evil glaring power makes Kage fall over. And he'd be like "OW! WHAT THE HELL?" Muhahah
7/27/2004 c29 Crimson Muse
Yay!...does this mean that we get to kick some ass now? Lol...um...er...dress *twitches* i DO get to wear jeans and stuff right? I can wear black dress pants and a chinese styled silk shirt or something cause dresses...*twitch* makes me nervous and i think i have a slight phobia of them...thank gawds there are no high heels involved though...ahahaha i'd fall on my face then you'd all sue me for mental scarring...AHAHAHAH KITTY KAT THE AMAZON XD ...AND ORANGE HAIR! EHEHEHEH lol i can see dark red but orange? MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHA ehehehe i think EVERYONE would take every single chance provided to poke fun at THAT! XD
7/27/2004 c28 Crimson Muse
You know...i really don't think any of our jaws have the ability to hit the floor while we remain standing...would be cool though...anyways, once again watch for spelling and lol i have a hard time imagining Kei-chan being overprotective, funny but still rather hard, especially when applying to reality.
WHY could we have just gone as soon as the dudes came to get us-still-human-pple? The rain and storm is perfectly lovely and i'm sure Kitty Kat would agree with me, don't see wat you pple have got against it! And you know, Dragons have been known to have weather powers so Ryu really shouldn't have been bothered or is he some kind of Fire-dragon? THen that's a different case. Oh yeah, btw GET A MOVE ON WOMAN! I wanna see some fighting and lots of bloodshed!
7/27/2004 c27 Crimson Muse
Yoou evil person, making me log in, blah! Lots of spelling mistakes but apart from that this story is advancing pretty nicely.
7/26/2004 c26 1Absent Sanity
7/25/2004 c25 Absent Sanity
I think u no what i am going to say, so DO IT!
7/25/2004 c24 Absent Sanity
HEY Jess. I went away for 2 weeks. But hey! IM BACK! Pheer the world! Muahah! Now u...GET OFF UR ASS AND WRITE MORE!
7/11/2004 c20 2Crimson Muse
That Ryu of yours is sick, watching your chest and all...so we can be angsty, sugar-crazed teens for ALL OF ETERNITY! COL! ...unless you and Ryu and Jules and watshisname gets married... MUWAHAHAHA YOU'LL BE OLD!
7/8/2004 c18 Crimson Muse
Oh that's so not fair! I wanna meet Kuaren! He's cool man! Ehehehe i like him, him and his whole damn nefariously evilly evil self! ^^ ehehehe, do elaborate more on the fighting though, the feelings are important and all but you've been only focusing on Chaia, Aulra, Ryu and Kage (then again they are sort of the MAJOR charas hey?) anywhosies, who gets kidnaped?
7/8/2004 c18 1Absent Sanity
...yeah, er...this is awkward and I'm not even face to face with you. um...MORE! GO MY RABID KUMAGORO!
Kumagoro: NU!
7/8/2004 c17 Absent Sanity
Attack Bunnies: BWee! *snarl* *drool*
7/7/2004 c16 Absent Sanity
Well its about time u lazy Ass! I have to go away soon, so u better get lots done! _
6/9/2004 c2 Absent Sanity
TSK TSK! Get more done!
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