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1/20/2005 c1 Prince Shoe
I have not read it all but I must say, so far I am impressed. The begining gave me a creepy feel that set a nice tone to it. I feel this series is original and could go anywhere Toshi San wishes it to. The characters are spectacular so far and they all have their own twist.The plot is hooking and makes you want to keep reading. Keep working on it, because I want to read more!
6/3/2004 c1 kamui-kun
Hehehe... sorry that I didn't review earlier. I didn't know you had a new story up already. Don't use author alert cause it clogs my mailbox. Sorry once more! =)

Wow... wow... sorry I'm at a loss for words. Wow... I thought SSK was good but this one could really give it a run for its money. This is quite good! No joking! This is really, really good! You really describe not only the characters and the surroundings but their emotions as well and you do it so superbly that I was just... stunned! Terrific work! Great!

Okay, no one thing that I like about this story is the diverse natures of the lead characters! Ha and I thought that my own characters were too different. Anyway, the thought of having a fallen angel, a exiled demon and a genetically engineered vampire in one mysterious organization with an unknown purpose really caught my interest! Plus, there's more waiting to be introduced - that genius man trapped in the underworld. I'm just excited to know how well they're gonna get along when everyone's there and what other mysteries surround them. Cool stuff.

Next, I love The Talented to death! It just reminds me so much of the Northern Coast Society... only in a different way. Oh hell! I love any secret organization that acts outside the laws and norms of society. And all of them living under one roof filled with high-tech gadgets and whatevers - it's a dream come true.

Finally, I love the religious implications! Lucifer massing up a horde of demons to take over the human world - how can that not interest you? Plus, you have a fallen angel and a demon teaming up... and they don't feel the tiny bit angry at each other... wow... I just can't stop saying how much I love this first episode.

Hm... well... nothing's wrong with the grammar or the spellings but I think there were two paragraph near the end that weren't separated by line breaks. Nothing much of a problem.

Terrific work! The story was so good that I didn't even mind the 10+ words it contained. Hope my review encourages you to write more.!
5/30/2004 c1 11Jez-Arinn
hey there!
i haven't finished reading yet, but i'm giving a signed review anywayz coz.. it's really good! (n i've got to go soon! ^^)
you grammar.. vocab.. english, is simply superb! and the storyline was kinda okay. ^^ i've only read halfway through though. (i'll come back with an unsigned review for this chappie) ^^
what i really wanna say is that this was an enjoyable read. very interesting. it's a good story! (n i can't write manga so you had better finish this. ^^ i'll be reading for sure!)

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