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5/29/2005 c7 killinglights
Hmm. I think I like this Blaise Pascal and his ideas. It makes a lot of sense. One quick thing about your review - I know my 'essay' didn't really come to a proper conclusion, but I wanted to leave it open for additions. If I get some more good reviews like yours, I will definately write more on it. Oh, and about the source for the anti-matter - http:/livefromcern.web.cern.ch/livefromcern/antimatter/ - that's where I got it from. I'll post it in the next part, but I figured I'd go ahead and let you read up on it if you like.

Alright, I have to be a good little closet-agnostic fifteen year old right now and get ready to go to church Nana and Papa.
3/16/2005 c1 cup-of-kitsch
Before I start this I haven't read any of the reviews on this peice so bear with me if I sound like a broken track.

It takes just as much faith to believe in evolution as it does to believe in creation, just like it takes you the same ammount of faith to be agnostic as it takes a religious person to believe in their God. When someone says they have faith in their religious beliefs, it's not a horrible thing.
1/31/2005 c1 12Apollyion
That was really as contrived and unorganized as I've ever seen an essay, you really need to get your facts straight.
11/21/2004 c4 Tiefling
To Eboniccinderella again-

Yep, I'm about 10 years older than you, not that it matters- I'm sure there are 14 year olds who understand more about the world than I do, and 70 year olds who don't. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't mocking you, I just didn't understand what you meant, and was hoping you would explain.

'I guess I should have said that on earth,without a body,you do not exist.'

I'm still not sure I follow. Do you mean that without a body people on Earth don't *think* you exist? Or that souls/ghosts etc. can't exist on Earth?
11/20/2004 c7 Eboniccinderella
I guess I should have said that on earth,without a body,you do not exist.And you're right about my analogy.Well anyway,I'm just a fourteen year old trying to put up a fight.I think in someone chapter you said you had a husband so I'll assume you're older than me.
11/19/2004 c4 33Tiefling
In reply to EbonicCinderella:Thanks for reviewing!

'Well now,Christianity is not just a religion,it is a way of life.We do not do christian,use christian,or eat chrisitan.We are Christian.It is who we ARE!' Good point, though not really relevant to the ontological argument.

'Oh yeah God has a cause.To provide you with a life in heaven and other things that I am too young to explain with sufficient evidence.'

You seem to have misunderstood. I don't mean 'cause' as in a reason or motive, I mean 'cause' as in the thing that produces an efect or makes something happen. God's motives or purpose are totally irrelevant to the argument.

'Without the body,you don't exist.There is not even a you.'

Interesting. I thought you were a Christian- how can you believe in Heaven etc. if you don't believe that the spirit can exist independantly of the body? How can you even believe in God if you believe that? Does God have a material body? Certainly not according to the Bible, except during Jesus' lifetime, and even then his body wasn't all of what God was, just an aspect of God.

'Is all that really in the 10% of the brain humans are capable of using?'

That 'humans only use 10% of their brains' thing is a myth. (see http:/w.snopes.com/science/stats/10percnt.htm)

The question is an interesting one, though. Personally I'm inclined to think that the human mind is more than just the brain, but as to whether it can survive death...who knows?

'I think we all mean something to someone out there.'

I was not referring to our significance to *each other*, but our significance relative to the rest of the Universe. If we have a creator who created the whole Universe just for us then yes, we're significant in that sense. If we don't, then we probably aren't.

'Well,I tried not to bash you.'

You didn't, which I appreciate.

'For others to ask,'Why did God let September 11th happen' is like asking,'Why did you let the cat get hit by that guy in the blue car?' You didn't!Someone else did!'

That's not a good analogy, because you aren't are human and fallible (and thus would not know your cat was going to get run over and probably be unable to prevent it). God is supposed to be all knowing and all powerful and can prevent anything he wants to prevent.
11/19/2004 c5 Eboniccinderella
'The Ontological argument fails because existance is not a property, but a state.'

Well now,Christianity is not just a religion,it is a way of life.We do not do christian,use christian,or eat chrisitan.We are Christian.It is who we ARE!

I love your essays.It makes me thinking without offending my beliefs or changing my mind about God.
11/19/2004 c4 Eboniccinderella
'then if God exists, logically He must have a cause too.'

Oh yeah God has a cause.To provide you with a life in heaven and other things that I am too young to explain with sufficient evidence.Well,God has know problem with your questioning his existence.It says in the Bible that we ought to test everything and hold onto what is good.Personally,I agree with you totally.Who is to know what exists and who is running the show?It could be an underground organization of humans that pass on authority to family members and they are probably laughing at us for believing we will go somewhere.

One reason why I believe is because I believe the spirit and the body are two seperate things that interact with each other so that you function properly.Without the body,you don't exist.There is not even a you.Without a spirit,you are dead and cease to exist.But when you die,the body remains.Where does what causes your thoughts,emotions,personality,and ability to function go?Is all that really in the 10% of the brain humans are capable of using?
11/19/2004 c2 Eboniccinderella
'natural selection is nothing more than random chance (it is much more)'

I believe in natural selection.Does that go against my religion?I also believe that man will continue to discover fossils and whatnot until they discover the truth.Why just the other day,they found an earlier form of human closer to us than...whoever was closer to us before.

The Theory of Evolution is nothing more than a theory.It was something man developed with evidence and conclusions that make sense.But that does not explain everything.I believe our desire to discove our origin is obviously so that we can know whether we do have a God to worship or not.Otherwise,we can live our lives how we want.
11/19/2004 c1 Eboniccinderella
'If you have faith in God, and that's some kind of comfort to you, insignificant speck in this vast universe that you are, so be it, but don't expect your faith to be convincing to others by itself,'

I do not consider it a comfort as much as I do a reason to live.Plus,I do not consider any human being an insignificant speck in this universe.I think we all mean something to someone out there.Plus,if I were not a Christian I would be Agnostic.The other day I was thinking about the religions of Ancient Egypt...millions people gone to hell because they did not know God existed?Does not really seem fair...

'If all you have to go on is faith, the question arises why you put your faith in any one particular God (ess/s), as opposed to one of the millions of others humanity has come up with over the millennia'

Why I believe in my God?It's like politics.I choose the one who has the same views as me.

'Any religious person who is honest with themselves and others has to admit that their faith is a combination of luck, wild guessing and the fervent desire to be right.'

Naw.Don't think so.I think the results from religion are a more obvious thing.If you do right in whatever religion you believe,you will do well.If it were only Christians who did well,millions of Hindus and Buddhists and Muslims would be suffering and most seem just fine to be.We don't want to be right as much as we wanted to be rewarded for it.

'We're all just biding our time until we have further data (a visitation, a scientific revelation, whatever.) to work with, so for the meantime I suppose we'd best try and respect each other's differences.'

Heck yeah that's what I'm doing and I'm not afraid to admit.

Well,I tried not to bash you.I don't feel that someone ought to state what they believe and just be BASHED for ti like I was by people who are less intellegent than you.You at least read the essay,found what you disagreed with and stated soemthing about it.For others to ask,'Why did God let September 11th happen' is like asking,'Why did you let the cat get hit by that guy in the blue car?' You didn't!Someone else did!
11/3/2004 c7 9Cthulhu
Good selection of subjects to cover and covered well, I hope you update or upload something soon as you haven't for a while.
9/14/2004 c7 Libertheo
Very well written essay. You seem to be a philosopher, in the original sense of the word: a friend and seeker of wisdom. I won't say that you keep up with the good work, I know that you will. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
9/12/2004 c1 54Andrew Joshua Talon
I suppose you cannot ever truly know if there is a God or not. That's the concept of faith, which grants the whole framework to Chrisitanity.
I, myself, am a Christian. Nuff said.
Now, on my essay on gay issues...
"Verbal harassment can be a big deal. It can lead to depression and suicide. The suicide rate among gay teenagers, in particular, is alarmingly high."
Roughly a third of teenagers who commit suicide are, indeed, gay. But, 3,0 teenagers a year or more commit suicide. A third would be roughly 1,0. The number of recorded gay "hate crimes" has been noted in my essay. And this is for the ENTIRE NATION.
Clearly, gay teenagers don't commit suicide purely by what others say. It can thus be inferred that taking their life is an act of their own volition due to other causes of teen suicide, depression, drugs, trouble with the law, etc. And believe me, I know. I've tried to take my own life once. But it wasn't because I'm gay.
I'm not saying "stay in the closet". But, if I may ask, do you parade around in public, shouting out what you and your husband did on your honeymoon? Do you describe how you go to the bathroom? Most people don't.
It's not that they have to suppress their identity-But homosexuals have no need to broadcast their sexual orientation, just as I have no need to shout out "I tried to hang myself in a school gym!"
Yes, office romances happen. Again, no need to shout it out. You don't have to broadcast it. It's not suppression by others, it's simple common sense. It's your private life. No one else has to know about it if you don't want them to.
Now, do I believe homosexuality is wrong? I have mixed feelings rearding this issue. Part of me feels that homosexuals shouldn't be taken seriously in any way. Part of me feels it's wrong. Another part says to accept it for what it is. This essay is a way to clear my head and find out which view I will ultimately decide to take.
8/22/2004 c7 34Forest Passant
Hm. I liked it. This last one... pretty much explained why I am not a Christian: because it would suck. Your essays are very interesting. Made me think. I don't totally agree, but they were interesting.
And anyone who tells you to 'just believe' or some other bullcrap needs, I think, their chosen deity to kick them a few times, hard, in the behind until they learn a little humility. i HATE those people.
Okay, that was fun...
8/10/2004 c1 7queend87
"this is why i hate essays like this, you're trying to tell people what to believe when really it's none of your business. how dare you attack people because of their religion. of course there is not proof! that's not what beliefs are about, data doesn't have anything to do with religion. you act like you're better than others because you think more rationally...did you ever stop to think that you're rationality is a bad thing? you're not allowing yourself any faith, who cares if it's a blind faith? if it's important to someone, then they have every right to feel strongly about it. then you start making generalizations; saying that children follow whatever their parents beliefs are, as if it's a bad thing to do so. it really doesn't matter how the person found their religion or belief, so they don't need to be aware of every religion to pick their favorite...it's not about what makes the most sense to someone else."
I just felt the need to respond to this argument about the importance of faith. Don't put down all those who don't have a religious conviction of sort because they can have faith in other things, such as ,the people they care about, themselves, and humanity as a whole.
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