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8/17/2009 c4 1LelaBloodHeart
omg omg omg i love it so much :D

i wish there was more haha
3/26/2007 c1 WhiteTigeress
Hehe. I created an account on fictionpress before and didn't know what to do with it. well, now... i think it looks pretty nice, compared to Anniya on Fanfiction and i look foward to reading it. (i don't have any time right now... but i'll read it ASAP!)
12/17/2006 c4 TirOrah
Looks good! =D I can't wait to see more of this, although I would like to ask one question: is there any chance of seeing a chapter from the village's point of view?

Anyway, please update sometime. ^^
7/31/2006 c4 Daffy
Faeriegurl(If you could read this),I could see why you rewrote the story Annyia. The storyline seemed much more convincing, and the descriptions were clearer. However I wonder why you changed the names(I like Annyia, West, Robert, and Count Federick better). Are you going to finish this at all and why did you change the entire plot(your Annyia one was great!)Anyway, if you read this, please finish the story!PS. I like your "written skill" better, but not the plot (no offence) Daffy
6/9/2006 c4 alecia
hey there! I LOVE THIS STORY SO MUCH! please updat please because this story is amazing
4/15/2006 c4 1JustWriter

4/15/2006 c3 JustWriter
You know what? This sounds like a completely different story than, 'Anniya.'

4/15/2006 c2 JustWriter
Why didn't you return to her grown up form?

4/15/2006 c1 JustWriter
Hah! My password still works! I never thought it would. I do like this version better, however I wish you'd have kept her original name.
2/26/2006 c4 Madame MEB
This is a very good story! I enjoy it very much. I hope you do find the time to write another chapter. You are a very good writer. My sister got me into this story and I thank her for it and I thank you for writing it. Keep up the good work!
10/1/2005 c4 li'l bling bling
i think i liked Anniya better. but this ones ok. i guess
9/12/2005 c4 lilsakura
really good story. I'm starting to see some connections between this and the FanFic versoin, but they are quite different. One thing i have noticed you do, is u write "might of" or "should of" which sounds the same, but isn't the same as "might've" or "should've". And I think "might have" and "should have" is what you mean. You might want to watch that in the future. :)
7/7/2005 c1 skittlelove
i really like this fic. i read your previous one similar to this on fanfiction. i think this one is more mature and i cant wait to see how you are going to twist the story. i am a natural curious george and cant wait to read more of stories to satify my curiosity. this is terrific, just so you know. keep updating.
5/3/2005 c4 Parablyss
I read your version of this story on fanfiction.net This one is quite a bit different, but I really like it. At first I wasn't all too happy with the desciptiveness, I just wanted it to get on with the action. But I realize that the descriptions, and especially telling what happened when she was young, really helped to set up the story. Please write more really soon! I can't wait to see how much it is changed from the original.
4/11/2005 c4 triple-goddess-619
come on update this thing ... i like it and want to read the next chapter ... i've waited paitcently for i dunno when i put my firt reveiw but yeah please up date it already ...-Grace-
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