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10/30/2005 c3 26Ares1020
Hey i want to point out youve forgotten the people in the other countries capitols or maybe i havent gotten there yet.
4/29/2005 c22 3theKRITIC
Hm...nothing about missing her family or her prom? Your ending was pretty rushed in my opinion...Great job!
4/29/2005 c3 theKRITIC
I was planning to review at the end, but before I forget: We use all of our brains...I promise to review more at the end!
4/19/2005 c22 2Casey Drake
cool. i was half-expecting you to say that she was a distant descendant of one of the "witches" who had been stuck outside, and she has powers.

this is cool too.

:) CD
6/30/2004 c22 3Katie Geek
Hmm... I like the plotline, but... I kind of wanted more action. Maybe a bit discovery/capture/escape thing. But that's just me...
6/28/2004 c22 9Rechi Lunae
That was pretty good. I have to admit, though, that some stuff was pretty unbelieveable. I mean, why would an average girl from Iowa be suspect of spying? Maybe if she had government officials for parents or something I could see it. And also, there wasn't a whole lot of conflict surrounding her decision. She had to make a HUGE decision as to whether or not she'd stay in her own world and it just kind of happended that she didn't. Heck she didn't even know if she had been discovered and put on TV. She just assumed! Overall very entertaining but there are some kinks in the plot...some BIG kinks.
6/22/2004 c22 10DarkSorceress
Damn...you really need to make a squel to this one! This ended alot better than I thought it would...considering that it became very slow during the middle parts...but all in all this was a very good fic. Hope to see more from you soon!
6/21/2004 c22 1Magican Lutz
This is a very good story.I loved it but i think you started to rush to your ending.LOL but u said you trying not to.I hope there will be a sequel to this story maybe u make it or someone else will.
6/21/2004 c22 theatreoftheabsurd
Oh! That's it? Damn, Wiemvre stole Helviork! Admittedly, I did think that was a little rushed through to the end here. And Paige didn't seem very upset about leaving her entire world, life and friends behind. Helviork's world doesn't have running water?
Hm, interesting that Ytlimqe's character changes here, it was nice to see a different side of her. She appears a little more human, if that's the right word. People are deeper than we think- you show that nicely here.
Still... I do feel the end was rather sudden. And Paige needs more emotion over these last few chapters.
Anyway, your writing is wonderful, as ever. I hope something new comes soon.
- sofi x
6/20/2004 c6 9Rechi Lunae
This is really good! I'm excited to read the rest. You are really good at taking the ordinary(ie: talking in a hallway) and making it part of the plot line and interesting to read. Fabulous!
6/20/2004 c21 10DarkSorceress
Wiemvre stole Paige's man...*gasp*...i am joking. I am also surprised at the engagement. Damn! this story is getting good! Update soon!
6/20/2004 c21 4Kusco1
Uh oh, well actually I kinda figured that it would happen, but just the same, it looks like Paiges stay in the wizard world won't be as pleasant as she had hoped. Well hopefully it all works out. Good chapter, though I also kinda figured she might be a bit more upset about losing her family. But over all I liked it. Keep up the good work.
6/18/2004 c19 12Saharian
oo fun times. Proms are great arn't they? But this one had a few twists...
6/18/2004 c19 4Kusco1
And it finally happens. That's too bad that it happened on her prom night but she's lucky to be gettig away. But I also can't think of a more appropriate reason for her to go to the wizard world. really good chapter!
6/17/2004 c18 10DarkSorceress
I dont like Ytlimque, not at all.
I must say...Paige has very good situation controll abilities.
Interesting chapters, I wonder what the prom will be like!
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