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3/16/2006 c10 3Charon-dragon

i love this chapter!Rapie's brother is AWESOME!

'nuff said.

(I know you haven't heard from me in forever, but I'm back and writing baby!)
9/5/2005 c10 Xerro
Told ya i'd review eventually! Ok yes very short too short after not reading this for so long i was kinda hoping to have more than one chapter to read *sigh* oh well, the chapter was kinda too short for me to say much about it except for one thing, i don't know why but i like a certain part of it "nothing.at.all." well wasn't he pert. that part, possibly because it was simple yet clever at the same time, like i said not sure why i liked that but i just did. Nyway update! said the dude who hasn't updated since january :S
8/12/2005 c1 Happiness
OMG! I have read this story of your's before, but then I forgot the title. All I remembered was tomorrow. And then I did a search through like all the stories on fictionpress and I finally found it! I AM SO HAPPY!
8/5/2005 c10 13Daughter-of-Louis
*squel* Yay I love this story so much! You must update...you must you must! :) This is simply one of the greatest stories on fp.com Yay I love it! *glomp*


Oh yeah, and chapter 18, is up! (for feuer, wasser, luft, erde! :)
5/9/2005 c10 daughter-of-louis too lazy to sign in
YAY! I am so excited to read more and i hope it is soon! Its good to see that you are doing well and I can't wait to see what happens! Ill be updateing FWLE soon...many things have happened to inspire that story *snickers* hehehe...keep writing!

5/6/2005 c10 13Kali Akotor
Congratulations on getting a service doggy! I hope he's great and wonderful ^ ^ glad your back at school too!

I've missed your stories as well. It is wonderful to have you back Aeleice!

The shortness of the chapter isn't bad! You've seen how short mine are... and I am trying to change that as I am typing. The suspence you placed to the ending is needed and is appreciated. I hope to the gods that you have enough time what with your catch up work to get the next chapter up. I hope you get it all done before I leave.

And the description of the Gun is hillarious. People started to look at me funny when I read it... They gave me that ' Is she sane? She's weird..' look that I have been getting in class... er... anywho... What breed is Pocky I wonder... I would love to hear more about him sometime ^ ^v Keep up the writing and don't forget to have fun!
5/4/2005 c10 4Seashah
A dog, that's great. I like the name. I'm glad your feeling better and I'll have to start hanging around FictionPress again. lol. Take your time, that was short, but it did leave a lot of questions which is good because we all know that it's all leading up to something. Very nice. I'll have to check in soon and see if there's a new chapter. I would have known sooner, but my e-mails broken and thus, no Author Alerts. So I'll talk to you soon!
5/2/2005 c10 18MistressPhantom
YAY! YOU'RE BACK! WE MISSED YOU! :glompage: :pets doggie: YAY! :giggles insanely:
5/2/2005 c10 9Ms.Julia
O.o; thats an evil cliff hanger.
5/2/2005 c10 5Natty Kat
T_T aw man, so short! I'm glad you updated though! It's been a while since you last updated! I hope those "creative juices" will work again soon! _ ~Kaze-chan
2/28/2005 c9 13Kali Akotor
... If your getting behind in your school work, then I think that you should abbandon this story. BUT!... I also think that you should continue it. I know that I am not really giving you encouragment, but I am also not telling you to just give up on it. ... Please Aeleice... Give it one more go for us Readers!... ^ ^
2/18/2005 c9 S.S.S
I hope you get better! Don't strain yourself too much but if you do find the time and energy, plz continue your stories!
2/12/2005 c9 2Byron's Mistress
PLEASE CONTIUE THIS STORY. I know I'm a little late in finding it, lol, but I don't know what I would do if you stopped!
2/7/2005 c9 18MistressPhantom
you can't stop writing because you are one of the main reasons i decided to join this website! i hope you get much better-ps, everyone who reads this donated stuff to the fountaion cuz it really helps out alot! yours truly MP aka Dragonfire
2/6/2005 c9 8shibi chibi
...IF YOU DON'T CONTINUE THESE STORIES...I WILL KILL YOU...not really...but that's okay. ...and five's kinda a low number...-;; it's kinda obvious you want to continue these stories...SO DO THAT! ^o^-
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