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7/17/2007 c17 atreyu love
;] i like it so far.

im torn between who i want her to end up with ;D
7/16/2007 c2 atreyu love

7/16/2007 c1 atreyu love
10/9/2005 c28 2Red Mage
I can't really say what it was that fascinated me in this story. There were points when you could guess what was going to happen next, and there were points that were maybe a bit too dramatic.However, these moments were few, and despite all, the story rolled on very well - no, even better. I seldom read stories as long as these, but there was something in Of Immortals and Demons that kept me fixed to my chair, reading chapter after chapter. Well, a minor reason might have been Mikhai and the whole concept of Immortals: I have a strange liking to angels and the name in question (with its many variations).Still, the most important reason is in the way of writing itself. I liked very much your way of describing things and how you offered the reader a good glimpse into the characters' thoughts. Bits of predictions and past were well fit together, giving the delight to understand that sometimes that had already been told had its purpose later.The story had also a wonderful pallette of characters, starting from the soothsayer herself and ending up in Griff. All were portrayed amazingly well and had their own traits. Their feelings were rich and deep; this story made me grin and laugh but also worry and - to some extent - even weep. The language was very rich, sometimes even so rich that I had to take the dictionary and check the meaning of something in order to fully understand (note: I'm not native English speaker though).All in all, this is what I will say: I have never met such a thing as a perfect story, and this wasn't one either. However, I have bought and read many books that were worse than this story. When you have a chance to read a good story for free and get inspiration for it, there are few only things that can match its bliss - one of them having the gift to write, a way with words.And in my opinion, you have that gift. Thank you for this story.
5/9/2005 c28 Ulsindhe
OMGawd! That was SO COOL!

Why didya have to end it there? *whines*

What happened to Griff? :)
2/12/2005 c15 1Heatherika
you know i would almost like Raelin ezcept for the fact he is a meanie. oh well.

this is a great story. i really like the emotion you put in to it.
2/11/2005 c5 Heatherika
this is an awesome story! i really like the concepts and you are really good with descriptions.
1/29/2005 c1 11arachibutyrophobia
Oh my gosh that was AWESOME! great plot, great characters, great action!
1/9/2005 c1 3Russ-Xavier
wow,not bad,i've only read the first chapter but i like,poor Aeolyn,dying like that...btw,thanx for the reveiw,i'm currently workin' on ch 2 of my story,but i'm not sure if i want to just paste it onto ch 1 thou,can u let me know if i should or not,i need a lil' advice.
1/6/2005 c28 17wishes21
although there're some mistakes here and there in the earlier chapters, i could see that when it's nearing the end the language has been significantly brushed up. good job! and i love the plot! the plot is so full of passion and true feeling. *thumbs up* ^^
12/30/2004 c1 5Skylar Lee
Aeolyn... I have never read a better entrance. You have done well. I hope the next chapters are just as good or better.
12/19/2004 c14 A.N.Tye
I've enjoyed what I've read so far but the big "M" is somewhat dampening it. It's a personal taste so don't consider it too much.

You've created a world that's very intricate with a complicated system that makes sense, with two vying factions. That's always hard to do, and I admire anyone who can do that and do that well. You have a great writing style - very discriptive and stylish, yet the big factor that pulls me out of the story all the time is your constant misuse of words. Several examples I can pull at the top of my head that I keep seeing are: bemusement, vehement, anvil (I think you mean avail [i.e. "to no avail"]). They are just mistakes that a little editing can easily solve.

On a side note. What Aeolyn has done up to this chapter has made me lose my respect for her almost entirely. If I were her, I (and perhaps any person with a brain) would at least ask for an explanation... then I would knee him. Running around aimlessly like that to the point where she would break a bone... is really just stupid of her. Then I would never think she would be petty enough to consider revenge for a something like that. Does she know the fate of two races rests on her shoulders? It's not something to play around with. She has to realize the world does not revolve around her and that there are bigger things at stake other than her being screwed over.

Then there was the scene where she was sitting in the rain and endangered her life. I won't quibble on that... because it'll take me too long. There's a great lack of common sense in her.

You're great at expressing emotions. Some of the reactions of the people don't seem true to life however. You've forgetten the four processes: Shock - Denial - Grievance - Acceptance.

Besides all that minor stuff, it's wonderful story and concept overall. It kept me reading into the night! So well done! :)
12/4/2004 c1 Katrina
Absolutely beautiful story. I loved it from beginning to end! I hope you perhaps consider even continuing the Mikhail and Aeolyn love story... Superb job, and best wishes for you and your future writings.
12/3/2004 c28 11Cloud Burst
12/3/2004 c27 Cloud Burst
so thats how the story ends! ^^ -sniff- raelin sacrificed himself for aeolyn, i had suspected that was going to happen =)

marvelous chapter! yay - happy ending ^^
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