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for Of Immortals and Demons

8/12/2004 c2 12Stormie Greye
With this chapter, this story has become my absolute favorite on fictionpress! I can't wait to finish all of the other chapters, though I still have quite a way to go.
8/11/2004 c1 Stormie Greye
Wow, this fanfic is long, but I'm going to find time to read every single chapter! This chapter had a few grammar errors, but what a unique plot! Nice sense of wording and description as well; you are talented in that area of description which is a good thing to have when writing. Great job. ^_^
8/7/2004 c13 Laura Barton
Great story!I love it :) Though there are a few mistakes and a few grammatical errors,it is well written.With all the describing it makes the story easy to picture and it is also easy to follow.Keep up the good work ^_^
8/4/2004 c13 14Goddess-Minerva
ok, update soon cuz you cant have me wait for what comes next, do you know how hard it is to wait for more of a story to come? oh well update soon!
8/4/2004 c13 empath89
that's amazing. a twist. poor mikhail. thanx for your review. it was all my older sister, she came up w/all the realms.
7/29/2004 c12 empath89
that's amazing. how could you do that? poor aeolyn. but it's really good. plz update soon.
7/27/2004 c12 5elasandra
Beautifully written. Luv the beg of chap. What is Aeolyn gonna do now? Update soon! And who's the person speaking to her...so many questions...PLEASE update soon!
7/27/2004 c12 14Goddess-Minerva
Wait, what? Ahh I need another chapter to read, I have some corrections, maybe some I’m not sure about,
Read or not here I come! Ready or not?
It I had known you would attack me… if I had?
Mikhail was instructing the kids not to full on his floppy ears… not to pull?
I could bare to separate these two. I couldn’t bare?
Aeolyn was never she self entirely. her self?
Any way update son i need to find out what happens, ok update soon,
7/26/2004 c11 5elasandra
Well done! Luv the description and plot. Really hope u update soon!
7/25/2004 c11 empath89
hey. i luv it alot. it's amazing. i hit writer's block, but i'll try to update fallen angel.
7/25/2004 c11 yvonne
a little confusing at times, with all the flashbacks.. but good nonetheless! i cant wait for more =]
7/24/2004 c11 14Goddess-Minerva
ok, LOVE this chapter. the whole time i had my head up to the computer reading as fast as i could. i kept saying how good of an author you are to my sister, she only got alittle annoyed, any way i cant wait till your next chapter. update soon!
7/22/2004 c10 Goddess-Minerva
aw, they love eachother so much! your chapters are good, they dont need to be really long. i love your story! ok, i cant wait till your next chapter!
7/22/2004 c10 empath89
that is SO cute. aww! update soon. please.
7/21/2004 c9 5elasandra
nicely done. what happens next? AH! The suspension! UPDATE SOON
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