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for A Little Something Different 2

7/6/2004 c2 1sfun
Sounds pretty so far...i can sense the potential...thanks for reviewing my story and pointinh out the mistake...and i turn 17 in about 3 weeks too...
6/10/2004 c1 30a e i o u and sometimes y
I like what I've read so far ^^
Might you check out My Tragic Life and Theirs?
6/8/2004 c2 3Clever Fox Cub
Ah no! Poor Gerald! Moment of silence... -.- ... He and Jake seemed so nice, too! And I was just starting to fall in love with Jake... *sighs* dern my fickleness... I can hardly wait for Chapter3! And Chapter4! And... I could go on until the last chapter, ya know. ~.~ Please try to continue soon! The suspense is killing me! Terrific work here! Will Jake show up in later chapters? (I'm putting my money on "yes, he will"... ~.~)
6/8/2004 c2 32caks
ooh! i like this story! sorry- i read the 1st chap but didnt have time to review! count this as one for bothe
6/3/2004 c1 3Clever Fox Cub
I hope you'll continue this soon! I'm a sucker for romance stuff, too! Not to mention suspense, and drama... This is greatly-written! You could include her twin brothers' names, incase they come up later in the story or something. And her father's name... But this is just my opinion. For all I know you already have this all planned out and everything will clear itself up in time and a couple of chapters. I'll sit tight until then! Your grammar is fantastic... ((I don't know why, but I always seem to search for tiny mistakes in spelling or stuff, even if I keep to myself about it... I'm odd like that, lol.)) The only thing I'm not clear on is the time-period. Is it way back in the the 15-1600s', or earlier? Or much later than that, going on sort of a make-believe theme? Because, as far as I know, girls weren't allowed schooling *WAY* back when. I could be wrong, though. I've never been one big on research myself. Sorry... I'm blabbering again, aren't I? I'll stop... for now, lol. Wonderful work here! The hints at your plot already have me reeled in. Please update soon!

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