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7/31/2006 c1 12Pastrami Sauce Camel Soup
I like when the writing is on the style of the writing. When I try it I goof it up. *Clap Clap* Well done.
4/13/2006 c1 169MallowsWins
Ha! Clever.
12/1/2005 c1 Jemme
I like this one alot. Its exactly what a Haiku is... really. lol
1/31/2005 c1 FadingFlower
It was a little creative, but kind of meaningless. Haiku is supposed to catch a moment in nature, not the sequence of the poem itself!
7/17/2004 c1 David Stephen
This put a smile on my face! A Haiku about Haiku's. Amazing and inspirational!
7/5/2004 c1 27Da Buffster
Oh w00t! Always wanted to write a poem about a poem or a song about a song or something. Not quite that clever tho :p
Made me laugh tho, v funny.
6/12/2004 c1 64chicanerysmile
I don't understand why you like haikus so much... but you're good at them, so, so what? Well done, B.
6/11/2004 c1 vanburen
charming, i like it.
6/10/2004 c1 moonlover46not logged in
Wow...never seen a haiku about a haiku. Nice
6/7/2004 c1 75Franken
True, but theres more to a Haiku right? *Random Fact* The plural of Haiku is Haiku. Just thought I'd let everyone know. Anyways, this was good, I thought someone would right a Haiku about Haiku sometime, just was wondering who'd do it! Good job!

6/5/2004 c1 28frugale
you go dear poet
remind us how to write 'em
because we forget
6/5/2004 c1 121Seeker of the Way
This was quite clever
I wish i could write haikus
oh wait ... I just did!
6/5/2004 c1 38Shinji Boi69
I don't know why just jet but this makes me laugh. Very creative in an odd way. *claps loudly* Keep up the good work.
Oh! I get it now! Sorry for my slowness.
This is really good.
6/5/2004 c1 nowayyoullgetbackinmyheart
I understand how it's hard to make a Haiku exciting but... It was ok. xE.Sx

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