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for Mistakes

8/12/2004 c1 6N47R3
i've never been at odds with a friend like this. i don't let friends close enough for it... i want to, but i don't. You're the only one i bring close it seems... You've never given me reason to feel like this. _-nuzzle-_ and i'm glad. good poem, i can feel You venting.
8/8/2004 c1 lauren
i really like this one. very honest and emotional. the end is kind of disappointing, tho. it would be better if you said 'now i'm broken' or something.
7/5/2004 c1 126swift sky silver
i like the emotion put into this poem. you did a good job =0)
6/6/2004 c1 3Cry Tears of Darkness
mistakes... god have i made so many of those... nice words!

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