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for Paradise at Sea

6/22/2005 c2 3Aimee V Lusty
Lol. I loved the end... update. Hehe, you write long stories... well not that long. KUGW! (keep up the good work!)azn~*~*~
8/7/2004 c2 9Lunar Wulf Gemini
Well written, interesting characters and plot... hope you update soon...
6/28/2004 c2 119Sorceress Kirara
Yeah! You updated this one too! Hey...didnt you say the one of your relatives read these? And you dare write a 'lump' scene? You should be ashamed, hentai, a-shamed. *nods*
Anyways! its good so far, I like where the plots going ^^ May the romances work out and may Katherine's fear of the water...lessen...or not...*shrug*
Either way, Ill keep reading, assuming you update, even if it becmomes R.
So update and yatta!
ps. Inuyasha and wolfs rain are moving to midnight and 12 30 am respectfully, *sniffle*...Ill just watch the repeats at 3! In your face, cabel!
6/27/2004 c2 Karen
Another great chapter! I really want to know what happens next so hurry, will ya? :)
6/24/2004 c1 Karen
When are you gonna put up teh next chapter? It's a great story and I want to know what happens!
6/7/2004 c1 Sorceress Kirara
Man, your chapters are long...But its a good cure for insmonia! N-n-not saying that this was boring! Just that I cant read long things this late (or early- its 3 am) without getting just a bit tired...d-dont hurt me! *cowers*
Anyways! Tis good! Hm, guess she wont ever get her voice back...course she can always use one of the stephen hawking things where the machine talks for em! That thing is cool! heh ^^;;
Like the characters and the plot seems like its going somewhere good...
so continue and write chapter 2 so you can posted bc I reviewed instead of watching love hina! (thats saying a lot, trust me ^^ )
A-A-Andrew left for vacation. T-T-Tessa's still in school...so...alone...Kenshin, stephen king, and adam sandler marathon!
Did I mention its 3am and my mind goes all weirdish? Plus the insomnia and the fact that my room is over 80 degees and etc. Im hungry though. Hm...did my closet just open a bit more? eep.
*sigh* SK ^^
ps. I saw the movie ^^ (you know which one) I have but one thing to say.
Damn you, Ron. May spiders kill you.
loong review ^^ No kill me! Only sweet torture of bloody wrist- whoops, morbidity overtaking obsessed-self. yatta!

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