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10/25/2005 c1 150SpawnMeister666
Very interesting and intriguing. A little short for my liking, but apart from that I'm impressed

10/31/2004 c1 Demus
Wow. Wow. Wow. I've forgotten that there are other letters in the alphabet. You are either disturbed or a genius. I think its option two, personally. Wow.
9/16/2004 c1 elfgirl
See, you're just scary. But this is a fantastic read, you genius, you. Consider being a pro.
8/18/2004 c1 Whydoyouwanttoknow O.o
Aye, it's me, two reviews in an hour, a record, um, are you going to add more to this? I love your style of writing, distinct, natural and not forced. I envy you..., and no, I am not stalking you, just stumbled upon your user and decided to read your works. Um, though I was a bit confused when you mention his friends, had to go re-read, -blink- It was kinda confusing where he was at the time. And yeah, besides that it ran quite smoothly, though XD it ended quite abrutly, -blink- I personally don't agree to the ending, but hey, you -are- the author! Yes anyways, nice work!
7/6/2004 c1 4Zoiqu-Msyjji
Hm... interesting. Very violent to be sure. Still, it was fun to read. ^^
6/7/2004 c1 LifeUnlived
Wow, very… mysterious to put it plainly. This is very well done. I’d like to invite you to a writing forum. I hope you enjoy the community and share some of your interesting works.
6/6/2004 c1 3nuckpang
Wow. I was going to suggest that maybe this should be posted under "Horror/humour" because there were some very funny bits in it at the start ("You never know, someone in concealing headgear wielding a crowbar might attack you. It happens." well, I thought it was funny), but then, what with the crushing of the skulls, that seemed a little inappropriate.
That was really well written, the best story of yours which I've read. I didn't see the ending coming, really well done!
6/6/2004 c1 24Eternity's Secret
6/6/2004 c1 Sheep
O_O Certainly a new perspective there, cool.

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