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for Kisses in the Rain

4/6/2009 c8 windybidindy
i really like this story!

i hope you update SOON!
8/31/2005 c4 4WinterRaven292
Good! I'd love for more! ~_^

3/5/2005 c2 Summas Angellove
The summary sounds really interesting, but you've really got to learn how to edit. You list a lot of information, but I find that most of them is insignificant to your story. The spacing that you've posted your story in also makes it hard to read a bit.
2/17/2005 c3 Ashley
Hey, Great story, Hope you update!
2/11/2005 c1 17pyro-chika611
Once again another awesome story. all though I really didn't like all the stuff about rain at first it turned out to be ok. Keep writing cause you got a talent for it.
11/3/2004 c3 4windowbreak
kewl kewl. NOW UPDATE! :D
10/27/2004 c3 4ScaryChick
I love it! I want more!
10/24/2004 c3 4WinterRaven292
Ok, it's good, but you have a couple gramatical errors...
"We except." Lacey stated
Wrong accept...and a couple misspellings but that's ok...
Anyways, I really don't see a conflict right now...I'm wondering what's going to happen...
8/26/2004 c2 3Marisa Rae
The intro was a bit boring, of course, that's speaking from someone with a very short attention span! *winks*
I'm getting into it now though, so update soon!
...Oh, and I read the authors note at the top. So you must be under sixteen...I think you're fourteen or fifteen! Oh, and I wore glasses for three years before I finally got contacts. They're absolutely wonderful! :) But I must tell you that I lost three my first month! (And that's only because it took about a week to get a new one each time I lost one!) So good luck for whenever you do get them! :)
8/11/2004 c2 NPB4Ever
Yay! Good job! there's a bunch of characters, how can you manage? I mean i can only work with at the most ten characters in one scene...that's why i always split my characters into groups. okay, i gotta go...good job!
8/7/2004 c2 15Swimmababez
long chapter, a lot happened. Your into was confusing, at least for me, but i'm sure to intelligent people it was fine! lol, keep it up and great start!
7/8/2004 c1 11NPB4Ever
Hey there! NPB here on this lovely summer...afternoon? Yah, it's the afternoon. Hm, very interesting, I love the title! Kisses in the Rain, sounds epic...epic...that's a funny word. Who the heck thought of it anyways? Oh yes, thanks a lot for reviewing my story. I know it's WAY too confusing. I even got confused looking back at it. And yes, I do watch Inu-Yasha. I love Inu-Yasha! I have the first two movies and have seen up to...I dunno. But yah, My favorie couple is Miroku/Sango although there are times where Inuyasha/Kagome may come in the lead. But my favorite couple is Miroku/Sango. Episode 118, that's the one I'm waiting for! Oh yes, and if you read my bio closely it does mention about a thousand times that-
I HATE KIKYO! DIE DIE DIE! Okay, sorry. Hey, u like TMM? Yah, Ryou's a hottie. Hm...Witch Hunter Robin eh? yep, Sakaki belongs to me. That means I'm Doujima. Hm, okay. Wolf's Rain ROCKS! Tsume's mine. Hee, sorry. Just goin' through ur bio. O u like Naraku/Kikyo too? I luv that pairing! Well, it seems you like just about every pairing I like! And you spell Keiko Keiko not Kayko. Sorry, it just bugs me. Woops, I over did the review a bit. Oh well. Update soon okay? Chapter 31 of Fate is gonna be up as soon as I type the end. Hm, today if I can.
Okay, Update and stuff.
6/8/2004 c1 stacey
hey gurl you know who this is right i hope so this is so great. is it the one in the note book the one with the drawings because they were good you should get it published ok well it was great bye.
-quagemire- lol
6/6/2004 c1 LifeUnlived
Nice job setting up the romantic atmosphere. This is actually pretty good… I’d like to invite you to a writing forum. I hope you enjoy the community and share some of your interesting works.

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