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11/14/2004 c20 2Saggitaire
Great chap. Leanne Goldsmith, eh? Well I feel real sorry for Justin, poor guy! Update Soon! ^_^
11/14/2004 c20 2Pundit
Subtle. Very Subtle ^_^ I'm about as subtle as a brick myself, so I can relate. I guess she wasn't really going for subtlety though, huh. Anyway, it made me laugh. Update soon!
11/14/2004 c20 30a e i o u and sometimes y
Gah! NO! Man. Now I get to wait another bagillion years to find out what happens. *sigh* Aw wells. I guess I'll get over it.
Sorry I didn't review before. I tried to, and I wrote out this hugely enormous review but since FP has been being a bastard...well there was no way for me to actually submit it with out some crappy error screen going up.
11/10/2004 c19 Annonymous Anngel
Want to hear a funny story?
too bad youre gonna hear it anyway...
During camp one summer my friends tried (against my will) to set me up with this random guy standing around by himself. There was a reason he was by himself...this guy was kinda creepy. So, i tried to avoid him the rest of my stay at camp.
Thankfully i was succesfull, and i didnt have to interact with this weird dude again all summer.
Keep in mind that this not-so-big camp is in the middle of nowhere somewhere in the northeastern united states.
About a year and so many months later, i was on a trip in Florida (deep south of the US) with my school. At the hotel pool i see this guy staring at me. I'm all like 'i must look really good in my bathing suit!' but the guy had stalkerish kind of stare and it was kinda freakin me out...so i go to the hot tub and ... he follows. Now im kinda weirded out by this dude and doing the whole 'i need to cover my body and avoid eye contact' thing.
Then he confronts me and goes "did you go to that camp so and so blah blah blah?"
(bet you didnt see that one coming)
So, amazingly enough IT WAS the creepy dude... in the same hotel, same state, same pool, miles away from where we met.
He then proceded to hang out with all my friends and people from my school. late into the night. IN OUR HOTEL ROOMS!
All of us were too polite to order him out, so we just let him hit on every girl there.
I organized a number of prank phonecalls from a different room, but it wasnt until we all we ordered to "go to sleep" (hahahahaha), that he finally left.
You're story just reminded me of that...and stuff like that really does happen
11/8/2004 c15 sieg45
good story sorry review more l8ter at school
11/4/2004 c19 BoredomKills0620
Oops...I forgot to come back to review(it keeps doing the 'TCP Error' crap...*Glares at computer*)
Anyway^.^.Great chappie!Still marvelous writing.Every one's breaking up!Justin & Cassandra act like they want to stay togather though...They can stay together(Please?) cuz Scott's free now^.~.J/k(sorta).I'm glad there was Scott here.I just love him^.^!So keep up the great work.See ya next chappie.
God Bless,
Chelsea aka Sophomore =^.^=
11/3/2004 c19 dum dee dum dum
i recognise bits from ur story...
ur an MLC chick aren't u?
like...i swear u are...
src, prefects, LC college...1h 20 min periods...assemblies every 2 weeks...it all fits...
tho i could be wrong...
but u've mentioned melb.and 1h 20 periods are pretty rare...in schools...
10/30/2004 c19 Salt and Vinegar Pringles
So many secrets...Love it!
Update again!
10/29/2004 c17 Fishy
hehe... I remembered who the girl at the milk bar was... LEANNE! Omg... she's so bloody annoying! Ok, Justin's definitely cheated on Cassandra. I wanna strangle that Leanne. She's so... CLINGY! Argh!
Anyho... about the pairing in this story... I dunno who CK should be with. I'd like her to be with Scott but then there's Justin to consider. Aie~~
Anyway, good luck for your exams and keep those chapters coming in! ^.^
10/29/2004 c19 Fishy
YES! *celebrates* Carly and Scott broke up! Their relationship was a weird one anyway... and Cassandra and Justin broke up. Justin sounds like some bastard... hm... the girl at the milk bar. Did he cheat on Cassandra? If so, he's an idiot. Poor Cassandra.
Anyhoo, I got my exams soon as well. Mine's next week. And Science is first. SCIENCE! . English is last though, dammit. Friday afternoon. I won't be able to concentrate and thoughts like, "yay! It's the weekend!" will be running through my head...
10/28/2004 c19 2unfeminine wiles
ahh! update soon!
10/28/2004 c19 10hideaway
Oh my God! So much drama to be processed. Two breakups in one day…. I love drama. Ha ha.
The bit where Scott and Carly were doing there dialogue was hilarious. I couldn’t stop laughing. This was an exceptional chapter and was defiantly worth the wait but I’m not sure I can wait for the next one.
I bet people are really pissing you off saying they want CK with Scott but now I’m really interested to where this will end up. Now that both Scott and Justin are single.
10/27/2004 c19 Melskies
YAY! awesome chapter! i love it when the people i want to break up, break up! just makes my day! lol update soon, goodluck with exams
10/26/2004 c18 hideaway
Ok so who is Leanne? Come on I’m dying here. Is she an ex, a very obsessive, bunny boiler-y type ex? This chapter was good but I think there should be more interaction between the characters. Anyway brill as usual.
You take chemistry as well. I hate it! Stupid titrations and equations… I don’t know what I was thinking when I took it up or maybe I wasn’t. Lol. Oh and good luck with your exam.
10/25/2004 c19 Jiro
Love it! Can't wait to read more! Update soon!
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