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10/24/2004 c19 4quotata
I read this last night but comp kept freezing...actuallyit was just IE and then, 15 min ago...submit forms were having "communication problems"but here i am now! =)
Another lovely chapter, and more twists...i'm so curious!
being in yr 12 ain't all that you know! =Þ i can assure you cuz I'm in yr 12 and exams atm and are crap crap crap... and my friends in melbourne say the same =)
10/24/2004 c19 Surreal Reality
nice plz update soon! like the "have u heard" thing... veri funni.
10/24/2004 c19 4anatidaephobiac
Nice chapter... not much time to review, but I just thought I'd drop in, say it was awesome... you know, the works. They all broke up... hehehe this should make things interesting.
good luck with exams... update as soon as you can.
10/24/2004 c19 2Saggitaire
Great. What's with all the break-ups? Well now maybe CK can have a chance with Justin. But probably not for a while cause he's all heartbroken and all that! Update Soon! ^_^ P.S. Good luck with your exams!
10/24/2004 c9 MimiGhost
10/24/2004 c19 4Jolly B
great chapter, i swear i was getting annoyed with the 'have u heard' more than CK. Personally i think u should hook Scott and her up, just for a little bit of spicing up. i mean Justin gets all the chicks while CK is still holding on, let her have some fun. With Scott it'll be all the more exciting.
update soon
10/23/2004 c19 quiksilva brumby
hah i loved the ending! i should be studying so i cant write a long review. But cool chap! Good luck for your exams! I know how you're feeling, but im only in year 9 so yeah...
Yay you're yr 12 now! Congrats! =P
- micky
10/23/2004 c5 liz
poor ck... i would review more but i want to finish reading this story... it's really good
10/23/2004 c2 liz
aw, how sweet, can't wait to see what's going to happen later
10/18/2004 c18 2CynicInLove
lmao. nice ending to this chapter. thought it was hilarious. paul is so cute! cant give a lengthy response..i wish ic ould..im kinda low on time though..so pleas eupdate soON!
10/18/2004 c18 5RedRumMurder
I spent the whole day reading ur story and I'm so in love with it! I hope u update soon!
10/11/2004 c18 fishy
Yay! Another chapter! :D
Leanne... is annoying the hell out of me. . She's very... clingy.
so... no one understands Carly's relationship with Scott? Not even the character themselves? :S Strange people they are... strange...
10/10/2004 c18 BoredomKills0620
*Gasp*No Scott!*Pout*Maybe next time...So about Leanne...Whoa!What's /her/ deal?Can't wait to find out about that!Please,please,please update fast & in a hurry!And please more Scott^.^.C-ya next chappie^.^.
God Bless,
Chelsea aka Sophomore =^.^=
10/9/2004 c18 Melskies
A skitz frizzy haired girl! just what the story needed! :P nah seriously though i enjoyed this chapter! i think this new character is going to make things alot more interesting! Update soon! i luv that lil bro hes a cheeky one! lol
10/6/2004 c18 4quotata
i see that crazy things havehappened while you were "trying to update" LOL...j/k...
my curiousity is aroused from thsi leanne though... O.o...
*backspaces* i need to stop lol-ing...
please keep it up! ciao!
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