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7/20/2005 c24 7awaitinglove
omg! haha this chapter was hilarious and i was cracking up! Get the next part up soon!
7/18/2005 c24 11Wolfie Star26
these last two chapters had me laughing my head off. My boyfriend was looking at me like I was very insane or something. Great job on the by the way. I loved it and I'm still laughing. Keep up the great work.
7/18/2005 c24 DarkestSecrets
great story! you gotta update soon!pls update soon!
6/14/2005 c24 8aurora borealis
This story is GREAT fun. I absolutely love it. The characters are great, and the plot cool. I LOVE the way Leanne was handled...Great story. Can't wait for the epilogue - in a sad, "don't want this story to end" kinda way. :)
5/14/2005 c24 3Twilightorchid44
omgosh...i just read the whole story...and my fav part is with Gonoril and Leanne...*mutters and i thot i was crazy...* lol anyways yea...love it and its an amazing plot you've got here...and there are a few spelling mistakes...words missing or misspelled but not that much...and i think i've fallen in love with Justin...just from your detailed writing...yea...so awesome story and hope you can write equally awesome stories int he future...altho with your creativeness and all...it shouldnt be hard
4/24/2005 c24 Jixieus
It's from King Lear! That chapter was good- crazy but very funny. I can't believe your story is nearly over!
4/21/2005 c24 Bloodshot
loved it! it was so funny! i had other ideas in my mind but this was the best one! update soon!
4/17/2005 c24 1Faeya
only one more chapter? darn. great story, by the way
4/17/2005 c3 2joank
Got an intriguing story.I'm stuck on geography at the moment. Just your luck to have a reader from Sydney. I'm not sure if you're Australian but just to clarify to others...1) There are no trams in Sydney, only Melbourne. Sydney had trams but ripped it all out few decades back because it wasn't trendy or something.2) You can surf in both Melbourne and Sydney but its too freakin' cold in Melbourne and Sydney is known for its beaches (Bondi and Manly). Melbourne is close to the mountains for snow sports.3) There is no Luna Point but there is a Luna Park amusement park in Sydney next to the Sydney Harbour Bridge.
4/14/2005 c24 Cerulean Asphodel
Oh, that's simply hilarious!

The play, is it King Lear by Shakespeare? I'm pretty sure that's it...
4/14/2005 c24 C. Regeling
I like this story, though Caroline my be happy with Justin, for some reason i want her to get with Scott...sorry but the whole enimies-turn-"lovers" thing is pretty high in my favourites list at the moment...

Not saying that i dont love this, coz i do..just sayin is all...

NEWAYZ, love tha story..and...

Update Soon.

Jorja : )
4/12/2005 c24 4lindserly
i loved it. glad we actually know now that justin and ck are the way it's going to be.
4/12/2005 c22 lindserly
heck if justin likes her and not cassandra than justin and ck are fine by me.
4/12/2005 c17 lindserly
gr seriously every chapter i pick a new fav for CK to get with. hell maybe she'll just meet someone new at the end.this chapter i was rooting for jake.
4/12/2005 c16 lindserly
i'm all for scott and CK happening. i think it's because we pretty much know scott.

we don't know justin at all. like why are him and cassandra together? do they like each other? or it it conviniecne? (wrong spelling of that word i know heh)... it's just with carly and scott it's obvious, and in my opinion by the end of this story ck and scott will either be together or at the very least be friends of some sort. if i knew where justin stood on ANYTHING (heh) maybe i'd lean towards him. i'm going to keep reading now and we'll see.
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