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2/25/2005 c22 xTiNYDaNCERx
ah this story is beyond good! i love how its not so predictable and im so happy about ck and justin! update ASAP! awesome job so far
2/24/2005 c22 2Hexic
good story... cant believe i read the whole thing. lol. yeah i would have liked to see scott and CK together... lolnice job-Hexic
2/24/2005 c22 4DeliciousAmbiguity
AW..no Scot and CK? =( Well..that's okay, I guess. Anyway, continue soon! =)
2/21/2005 c22 Sam
I absolutely love your "My Happy Ending" story. so sweet. I love CK and Justin being together. so awesome :)
2/16/2005 c22 2Megliz716
I thought that this chapter was great! I'm happy that you finally updated. By the way I defintely think that Justin and Caroline belong together, not Caroline and Scott. I can't wait for the next update!
2/15/2005 c22 3kat6528
OMG! i don't care who CK is with as long as she's happy. Whether it's Scott or Justin it is still interesting. Can't wait for the next chapter!
2/12/2005 c22 30a e i o u and sometimes y
GOODNESS GRACIOUS SHE'S APPEARED! haha. I've been wondering if you died or got eaten by a shark or something terrible like that. Humm. I liked this chapter. It was cute =) Well it's good to hear from you again. Tootles!
2/10/2005 c22 1EternalDamnation
AH! Wait, that's not the end...what am I crying for? Ugh..I am so out fo it right now...

Will Scott and Caroline be together in the end? PLEASE?

I'm not a Scott and CK worshipper. Nope. I mean, I like Justin and all, but the enemy loves enemy thing just CALLS to me...I can't help it.

Eh heh, got carried away.

Update soon!
2/9/2005 c22 ellabella
awe...thats too cute for words. i bumble when guys get mushy. my brain screams "oh my god is he okay?"...not that guys are heartless cads with me but they do like to play it cool, so it's strange when they get bitten by the sap bug. one guy wanted to write me poetry and i don't go with poetry too well (shakespeare i love, but try finding me a modern day guy that can write at shakespeare quality), particularly from guys i don't like who can't write anything. my friend sarah told him i love it when guys read me poetry...i will get her back one day. it might have been cute if it wasn't in front of all my friends coming from a guy that was thirteen at the time. i have to get her back for that one...hm, many evil thoughts...

cya next chapter.

2/7/2005 c22 Bubble's Webb
*happy sigh* finallY!
2/7/2005 c22 cecily
please continue! its really good so far
2/6/2005 c22 ScjT
Love It.. what a great chapter Ck and justin are so cute together.. havent made my mind up about scott and nicole yet but its going good.. hope all of the crazy girl drama will be sorted out soon.. wish everyone luck.. update soon pls..
2/6/2005 c22 2Arialla
I adored this chapter. It’s so sweet and perfect. Great job; update soon!

~ Aria
2/6/2005 c22 Irisae
you updated! YAY!
2/6/2005 c22 limbo-gal
wow, somehow you managed to improve your brilliant beyond brilliant writing technique! and the thing i love about this story is its set in Aust ^_^latersEMMA
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