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for Inheritance

9/2/2005 c1 29Katterree Fengari
Oo, I really like it. It's like touch and go imagery -a smattering here and there, -because of the stanzas- and it is an interesting format.Even though it's called "inheritance" at the beginning I was thinking of a girl talking to her boyfreind or something, until I got to the "daughter". I like the underlying idea btw
7/7/2005 c1 3The Proxy Ninja
God, this was so beautiful and nostalgiac. I love the mood and the ambiance of this poem, like breathing in a fresh whiff of air! No complaints, here! -adds this to her Favorite stories list, too.-
11/16/2004 c1 20CatchMeInADream
This is beautiful. I love the format as well, it's kind of disjointed, but it flows.And I especially enjoy the last two lines.
Thank you for this.
6/29/2004 c1 pieces
It conveys a lot for something that you have to do a double-take on to really get.
6/9/2004 c1 159Heather Goldbug
Love this one, as you know. Makes me wish I had a background like that.

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