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for My Hope

10/6/2005 c1 24FarseerFool
Very good poem IMHO.Course I'm biast I really love any poem of this sort heh oh well I admit it least.Very good once again.Adieu
8/1/2004 c1 20Elbereth141
Cool! I love bible poetry! :) You're great at it! but, do you eat in heaven? **grins** Doesn't mater, LOVED IT!
7/17/2004 c1 40singingspeechless
Ok...I thought this was pretty good... very basic but good. I'm not a Jehovah's Witness or anything (to be honest...I don't really know who/what they are), but even being a Christian I could admire this poems message.
7/2/2004 c1 368EWindheim
Not bad for a school project. It seems like the school projects are always annoying. This is good. I like it.
6/14/2004 c1 3Pont
nicely done. Very uplifting! Good job overall!
I admire your rhyming scheme. only one thing irks me, if I may be so bold. The rhythm is a bit erratic. Maybe try reading over it? Overall it's good, and you don't need to take my suggestion.
Keep up the great work! peace forever! *holds up peace sign*
6/13/2004 c1 laerai
Just before you mentioned Christ, I understood what you were talking about. It was nicely done, and very passionate and uplifting. I'm not a Witness, but I do have the Bible, and I completely understood what you were talking about. I liked the rhyme scheme. There was an odd non-rhyme, but it didn't really detract from the piece so much.
6/10/2004 c1 catseyeview
I love your lines, where man and animal live in peace, almost even the beast in man will even be silenced. nice.
6/10/2004 c1 70elvenstorm
Cute! Hope you get a good mark for it, it's lovely! Imagine if life was like that... Ah well well written piece, good job!
6/10/2004 c1 132mizu no kokoro
aw... cute and spiritual^^ got a good mark rite? hahah~ keep it up!

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