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11/30/2005 c33 11Okami-Kokoro-Inochi
Hello. I'm sorry for not reviewing on each chapter, sometimes I get too caught up in reading the story. This is one of the best stories I've read in a long time, with some of the most well developed characters. I love plot and I couldn't stop reading. Keep writing.
11/30/2005 c33 3Ullrina
Love it! Well,, you should wirte more! well, gotta go. I really don't have much to talk about only that I loved it and want to read more.-_-

11/29/2005 c33 Kizera
Umm i love this scene, it was awseom actually XD, it seems when dana and jamnie poo, would try to snuggly wuggly they would get interupted, sad XD, do you think i should continue with my story, reading yours is just inspires me to do so
11/28/2005 c33 2Jenniexb
Thanks you for posting again so soon. I was afraid of a lengthy wait. Darn they didn't get to make love yet, I was thinking they might, but then again she does need to heal a bit more. Thanks again.
11/28/2005 c33 3Morbid Flatline
Awesome...^_^ Can't wait for more.
11/27/2005 c33 Rae
Such a nice long chappie! Jammy sure sounded hot! Lol Update soon! I loved the lime green boxers Vlad wore...
11/27/2005 c30 Asling
I love your story, but I find it very difficult to read. The humans don't have freedom of choice, which I find extremely disturbing. Even Jamnis and Dana's relationship is sometimes leans towards Master/Slave, and not equals.
11/27/2005 c33 Kim
I honestly don't know if I've ever reviewed this story or not... I don't think I have, but I do want to say that I love it, and it is completely and totally awesome. Ugh, I gotta love the vampires... I'm gonna show one of my friends this story cause she will find it fantastic I'm betting. Well... with that, all I can ask for is that you update soon.
11/26/2005 c33 AubriannaKnight
In the last chapter you said they were going to see Gavin, but they went to Avery's.

Anyway I loved this chapter, and I'm totally stoked about the next.
11/26/2005 c33 79Ashes.to.Acid
Ek... Jamnis wants to tear Dana's clothes off! *giggles ecstatically* Oh Jesus, that's hilarious!
11/26/2005 c33 2Gayle of Genisis
The worst is over and now back to Dana's family, I can't wait.
11/26/2005 c33 6Medieval-Rogue
*blushes furiously* wow...that was nice, a very nice thing to mention me like that...and I love your obsession with Saul and Damaros...ya know, I didn't even have Saul written in there...my outline, which is almost continuously changing, yeah, I just thought of him one monring...literally, just thought of him. One moment he was nonexistant, the next...*poof*!

You know what? Dana is my best friend. No literally, my best friend here, Tonie, she's exactly like Dana. See a lot of stories I notice that minor characters are just like my friends or whatever...but Dana = Tonie [it's a new mathmatical equation...]

And ah the review I love to give and you love to recieve (awkward, I always feel inadequate, like there's so much more I should write in these reviews...)

Well...I really must say...with each new chapter the story gets all of the following: more romantic, more tragic, more intense, more funny (grammatically incorrect), more amusing, and more AWESOMER! (spelling incorrect)

I loved the would-have-been-sex-scene... Yeah, that had me totally captivated... like, entirely...O_O
11/25/2005 c32 79Ashes.to.Acid
Wow.. I can't believe I didn't review this yet! Anyway.. Eliot's dead, but why do I think that the story's far from over? As for Jamnis.. oh Jesus, I can't wait to see how he handles Scott.
11/24/2005 c32 6Medieval-Rogue
God I can't believe I didn't get to this sooner...reviewing I mean...I wish I had a time stopper...except for me, you know I don't want to stop me, just everything I don't need getting in my way...school...school...stupid holidays that require getting gifts for people...or make you actually feel like giving gifts...

ANYWAY, more to the point...being the review ^_^

Heehee, as always, filled with equal amounts of dark and witty humor, both of which give me the most heart laughter...(harty har har!) Plus insane amounts of graphic violence or dark-tragic like stuffs...descriptos. yay, like that head thing..."it went sploosh" made me BURST OUT LAUGHING...and listening to the kind of music I am now...yeah...I'm in a very morbid...oh so morbid mood...XD

The bond with Terry added great depth and tragedy to it, Dana not quite grasping that he was dead...that it wasn't him screaming "help"...

And OH MY GODS! THE BLOOD! *moans* oh the blood...[heehee told you, morbid mood] Seriously, that scene where Dana drank his blood was pivotal...or whatever that word is...but not nearly as much as Jamnis' reaction...that...that was...

Focking heart wrenching and hearthrobbing at the same time.

Yeah, I really loved that...especially when he said "Dana, if you do not let go of me, you will be my lover in more than one sense of the word, and I will not bother to be gentle or listen for your permission"

My god that sent shivers right through me...it was just so ...primal? Something like that, really just something, It made all the difference to put it in there, really dramatized the situation and his standpoint.

When he said "I flew Lover" was pretty sexy too...^_^

M after yet another long fruitful chapter that you satiate my imagination with, you still leave me hungering for more...

[yeah, if I was a Vampire saying that, I't mean that I was really horny...then again...who knows if I'm a Vampire...]

~Cheers over two glasses of fresh [Vlad's] blood *grin*~

[Oh yeah, and after a comment like the one above, I'm not only possibly a horny Vamp, but a drunk one too...so don't worry, I won't remember anything when I wake up, Vlad...]
11/23/2005 c32 2Asterisk Black
OK! I finally found the password for this account! (this is jasmine) And just to remind you... You shall suffer if you do not update soon...
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