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11/19/2005 c32 snow blossoms
dude. your story rocks.
11/18/2005 c32 jasmine
I LOVED this chappie! you NEED I repeat NEED to do A) a final chappie and B) a sequal, lest you feel my wrath and suffer a most untimely demise...*manicle (Sp?) laughing while twitching violently* [random woman: "now children, starring at the crazy people isn't good for you"]
11/17/2005 c32 3Ullrina
Hey! Awesome! Love it! YOu know if I was Dana adn gotted Jamnis mad I would want to jump him when ever I got better adn tell him just how much I love him. Truthfully, you made Jamnis as a romantic vampire in a vampric-sexiness kind of way if you get my meaning. Still having problems with getting a computer. Right now I'm writing my litle heart out trying to get them typed so all I have to do is post them.Well, gotta go. Wil talk with you later.

11/17/2005 c32 2Jenniexb
Thrilled to see you updated again. WOW great chapter. Can't wait for the explanation and what happens after, should be really good stuff, but from you I have come to get used to really good/great stuff. Update soon.
11/15/2005 c32 2Gayle of Genisis
I could never be that calm, or watch my boyfriend kill someone. update soon
11/15/2005 c32 52Liviania
This chapter had so much happening...and one paragraph repeated. I quite enjoyed the "Your hands are on fire" part.

11/14/2005 c32 AubriannaKnight
Yippie, woo hoo, yay! Finally Elliot is gone. What could Gavin possibly want from Dana now? I thought he was gonna be nice from now on? Anyway I hope Dana has sex with Jamnis soon.. I've been waiting for that scene so long it's making me bonkers.
11/14/2005 c32 Kizera
Good write, i like this chapter, it was funny with what happened to dana and jamnis, lol can't wait for the next one, keep up the good work
11/13/2005 c32 3miss-blackhair
you have so much talent. this should totally be published. i'll be the first one to buy. LOL. good job! update soon!

ps: you can check out my story too, if you wanna. =)
11/13/2005 c32 Rae
Jamnis sighed. “I want to have sex,” he murmured, looking down at me.

I blinked. “I think I misheard you,” I said. “I thought you said ‘I want to have hot pokers jammed into my eyes.’”

Haha they're like supernatural Scarlett and Rhett from Gone With The Wind. Good chappie- I liked the action scenes!
11/5/2005 c1 Guest
Random anonymous review!
10/27/2005 c26 16Lady MeiLin
bonjour darling! Sorry i haven't updated in what seems like forever. no internet. love it and will finish soon. ciao!
10/25/2005 c31 6Medieval-Rogue
I could have sworn i reviewed this...hmm...DAMN IT! THATS RIGHT! I DID! but my mom kicked me off the internet before i got to submit it and a whole other series of things followed that ended with me restarting my computer...

WOOT! I LOVED that ending line…Scott to the rescue! I wonder if he’s gay too…..

Gah…I can’t get over this: “…All of Hell will be looking for you…” That was such a ….*shivers* amazing line….amazing, intense, something-something I don’t know how to describe it kind of line….^_^ But it was all goodness…

Rape Vlad….rape….Vlad…Hm, I should come up with a very naughty, and amusing, list of things to do to Vlad….and GAVIN! OH! I should make a list of 101 ways to annoy Gavin…..XD that would be fun….

Eliot….is an assmonkey…..a prostate elephant….an all around jerk….don’t like him….well, of course I like that he’s in here, he needs to be for the plot and what not…but yeah…if I ever met him….I’d go cannibal on his ass….well, not literally his ass…I DON”T want to eat that…

On that note, heehee, I just realized (slow…so what…) how good of a plot thing you got going here. I mean, you’ve got Eliot…the serious bad guy, murderous and dangerous and anorexic blah blah….but then there’s the ‘minor villain’, if you will: Gavin. I mean, even though he doesn’t threaten Dana’s life or anything, he still does a pretty damn good job of torturing it for her….Yeah, PERFECT plotline, especially for manga/ potential anime (yeah….you heard me ;) this stuff is good, I mean there are a lot of anime shows I won’t even watch cuz they’re so POINTLESS and absurd….more on that in my next letter *wink)


P.S. oh, and you’re absolutely welcome and enjoyed for the beta and review…WOOT!

PSS – I’m also fully aware that this is probably my longest review yet….then again, maybe it’s just all the skipped lines and paragraphs…..*shrugs* ^_^
10/24/2005 c31 Kyu
Wow... After reading the entire thing in a few days I have to say I am amazed and very impressed by your writing skill, creative thought, and the brillance of your writing. What did you look into to create such a story? It a way it reminds me of Anita Blake and a Anne Rice cross but it has an Idenity of it's own.

I have to say that the very first chapters did not get my that interested. In fact I felt like I was reading the same old story plot line i've seen in many fiction stories, here at this site. Girl goes to college, finds vampires.. That sort of stuff. But after reading it more I found that it had its own unique taste, twist, plots, turns, and characters.

Characters to me is what makes stories stand out. They are the blood lines of the story. You can have the same age old plot but if your characters feel like there actually real, it makes that same age old plot look raw and exciting. At first I really hated the vampires in this book. Cold and heartless, they used humans as cattle, and showed very little emotion to those who they said they loved. As the story progressed I loved how you slowly created a sense that vampires truly can fall in love but still retain the fact there so old they keep there distance in what I felt like to make sure they don't hurt their love ones to much. What really showed me this was the slow transformation process through Dana's eyes of Gavin and how he could be a bastard and yet love his family so much. That truly made me think that i would see this book some where in the store. This impressed me that an author on this site would think about that. (Do you have any more stories out?)

The plot I was afraid that it would become a generic plot. One in which i would have dropped the story after the third chapter. But when i read i noticed and happen to figure out what would happen later in the book that distinctly made this book become it's own enity. I liked how you introduced the house of dreams in which later brought full circle of how Dana & Michael have their powers.

At the end of Chapter 31 you had me craving for more (this is now one of my favorites.). I almost yelled at my laptop saying it was unfair in which the events had happen and that Dana ended up at Eliots place.

Great story, great plot. The characters are rich in emotion and feelings, I can't wait to read more in the future and hopefully a book which i would go buy at borders.

10/18/2005 c31 2Jenniexb
Again thanks for the update. Good luck in the novel contest.
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