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9/26/2005 c30 Rae
First of all, Vlad was frisky lol. Secondly, omgosh! Eliot and terry ah update asap!
9/26/2005 c30 79Ashes.to.Acid
NU! NOT TERRY! O_O *breaks down into tears* He was one of those people that if I knew him, I'd wanna hug him all the time since he's sweet and innocent! ;-;
9/26/2005 c30 6Medieval-Rogue
“Four thousand nine hundred ten!”

“Four thousand nine hundred eleven!”


^_^ That was like the best quote...and seeing the look on ELiot's face was just priceless. Seriously good job, cuz I'd totally fogotten about him getting both twins...heehe...

I honestly cannot stress how good that part on the dance-floor was... Reading it was soo...god...sad and tragically romantic...beautiful, it really was.

That necklace part scared me...seriously, dude, that would have been so scary...gavin couldnt have rescued her BEFORE that happened? I mean really, what kind of over-possessive meanie head is he if he doesnt even keep tabs on his victims...his own frikkin woman and her TWIN were kidnapped RIGHT UNDER HIS NOSE!

*rolls eyes* SOME people's kids...yeesh..

X) I love having the old Vlad back...competition...Pallas...damn...I think not! NO ONE can resist my creepy writer-person charms...especially when they've got a quill positioned lethally above their heart...*high pitched voice* you can never leave me...cuz i'll find you!

and (_) my GODDESS is Terry stupid...real...REAL...firggin dumbass... he reminds me of my retarded cat...Ozz...

*_^ Amazing chapter...sensous, dare I say? Yes, I do, cuz I'm bold...AND daring...It kept sqitching from tragedy to comedy and then back to pleasurably SUSPENSEFUL tragedy...Shakespeare would be jealous...Homer would too...if they weren't dead...but they are...so yeah...I think we know where this paragraph is trying to lead...


PS...I'm not really over possessive like that...if VLad doesnt want me...then I'll just rape him and leave him for Pallas...that is...IF he still wants her after me XD!
9/26/2005 c30 3miss-blackhair
yay! i've got more gavin! LOL. now im thinking nathan's hot too! im so waiting for the next chap! =) good luck. update soon!
9/25/2005 c30 4Lady Katreina
9/25/2005 c30 81TwystedFate
“I seem to remember Saturnalia was more your flavor,”


Nice update.
9/25/2005 c30 Kizera
Hmm well this is kinda unexpected, realy now, i can't belive that hapened, i wounder what will gavin do he will go crazy aswell as jamnis ...but what nexts, makes you wounder how did he get adriaene or however you spell hername
9/20/2005 c29 3Ullrina
hey! yeah but the computer thing isn't coming to well. there's problems with the sytem and my dad can't seem to get the thing running. he has work and other things he has to do. we are currently renovating our den and stuffs. so... but i am able to put all of my ideas down on paper and what not so that way all I have to do is type them up later. it'll take time but i'm more them willing to do it if i'm able to see what other people thinks about my stories. ^_^

Well gotta go!

9/10/2005 c1 water block
pretty cool.
9/6/2005 c29 3miss-blackhair
wah! its been ages.. lol.. more of gavin please! i tink im weird.. hahah =)
9/4/2005 c29 Kizera
BAh, that kinda sucks if dana ends up with vlad, and well i wounder what gavin is going to think about dana's new ability, hmm very interesting
9/4/2005 c29 79Ashes.to.Acid
You know, I've been bothered by the fact that for the longest time, Gavin reminded me of someone I knew. I finally figured out who it was! There's this creep I know named Gabriel and he's a Gavin waiting to happen. All he needs are vampire teeth and we'd be set. x.x;
9/3/2005 c29 52Liviania
Shield +1.

9/3/2005 c29 Rae
Yay! You updated! Nice chappie- I'm excited to see more of Dana's abilities later on:) It was nice of you to give a shout out to hurricane katrina victims... so sad :(
9/2/2005 c29 2Gayle of Genisis
Wow this was a surprising chapter, damn Gavin.
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