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9/2/2005 c29 Guest
Non amo te, Kristen, nec possum dicere quare.Hoc tantum possum dicere - non amo te.

9/2/2005 c29 6Medieval-Rogue
Now I get that one sentence, thanks for clearing that up.

Anywho...I know I've said it a million times by now, but i REALLY LOVED the stormy tree scene...it had a huge impact on me...it made me hurt in all the right places for Dana, beautiful work as an author! *gives you cookies*

And don't even get me started on Gavin...creepy...undead...jackass...WHAT the hell kind of meglomaniac does he think he is...okay...so hes not a meglomaniac...that's Willon...but still! He's trying to take over DANA'S world...in some account that makes him a meglomaniac, right?

O, I can't wait till Hell. THAT is gonna be the BEST chapter ever...and I've been waiting for it *smiles evilly* i wanna PARTY!

Lovely work on this...now i KNOW eliot is gonna pop up somewhere and murder them all...I KNOW IT! Lol, i know because I've almost forgotten him, and thats when authors strike theyre unsuspecting readers with such suspense...nah...he prolly wont kill everyone...he'll dance an irish jig and try to make friends!

Lol, like I was saying, lovely work here, the aura thing gets better and better, and I happen to be really drawn to those types of things...so yeah.

Update soon (of course, I'll beta it beforehand, so i won't be QUITE as surprised as other readers may be...*grins*) and you're welcome a million times over to my betaing and reviewing services!

8/22/2005 c28 3Ullrina
Love it! ^_^ Please write more! Me personally have a lot of stories going through my head and can write them down but can't post it...yet. Hopefully when my mother and I get or own computer(which I would claim as mine, Muhahahahahaha) I can though. Well, I'm still clueless about Gavin and now her mother. Well, g2go.

8/19/2005 c28 who cares4
great stori so far! cant wait for the next chapter
8/14/2005 c28 79Ashes.to.Acid
Oh joy.. the opening of the suitcase! I wonder if that attic was really spooky or not though.. oh my gosh, ghosts in the attic! o_O Okay.. I'm hyper, lol.
8/14/2005 c28 2Gayle of Genisis
Gavin, he is a mystery, update soon.
8/9/2005 c28 3miss-blackhair
im such a loser right? i review your story late! lol.. anw, have i told you how much i love the conversations? hee hee.. the fun just keeps on coming.. =) update!
8/9/2005 c28 mely
Gavin's hot, in a sort of creepy kind of way.

Wonder what's really in that suitcase.
8/9/2005 c28 81TwystedFate
"He smiled and his fangs were out. “You could help me relax,” he said, pushing me back against the dresser. I shuddered and put my hands on his shoulders."

.. ..

EW. (lots of w's).



^_^ I love it. Watch it, you're turning into me.
8/8/2005 c28 52Liviania
Of course Gavin is always a creepy guy. *glares at him*

Sephiroth...now there's someone I keep running into. Mainly my friends trying to beat him as an optional boss in Kingdom Hearts.

8/8/2005 c28 Rae
Hearing Gavin is like seeing a cow everyday! Lol, nice chapter.
8/8/2005 c28 Kizera
o men for some reason i think i might be falling for Gavin i love weird people but he can be an ass...I don't like him cause of that part :...I am so mad at what he's doing to dana but i loved the way he said "I will have her either way" _ HAHAHa I am weird XD
8/7/2005 c28 6Medieval-Rogue
Oh. My. Sweet. Annabel. Lee.

"He smiled and his fangs were out. “You could help me relax,” he said, pushing me back against the dresser. I shuddered and put my hands on his shoulders."

*shivers* THAT was by far the hottest thing here...wow...I could help Jamnis relax too!

Then there's Gavin...freeking wierd-ass, walking paradox...can't he just pick a personality and BE it? none of this ...wierdo "HA! I'm going to dominate your entire existance...but don't worry, I'm told I'm great in bed, and THAT should make it all better" crap...even thought he probably would be great in bed...

I mean- yeah, poor Vlad...out in the rain. They both practically turned tail and ran, tho, at that door...wussies...so what if there's magick in the attic that's destined to burn the flesh from your bones? Suck it up!

Lol, hehe, this was an awesome chapter, I loved the romance, and the FF7 thing:“I will defeat Sephiroth before the night ends,”

...so what if Eliot hasn't come out and killed everyone yet...he will...oh he will...

8/7/2005 c27 Medieval-Rogue
Oh wow...I really thought I had reviewed this chapter...guess not...

AW- that was such a cute kiss, with Terry and Dana...*giggles nonstop* even if I don't much like the wussy...

Nice with the whole rumor about vamps not showing up on films, I liked your reasoning behind it...very smart.

Ari's a loser...I don't like her at all. Then there's Sirel...drop dead hilarious...poor mikey and his gayness...

As for the bathing suit escapades...*grins wickedly* I don't care if Mikey's gay...I would've loved to have been there...

Nice chapter, very laid back and uncreepy (and then, mysteriously, Eliot pops out of the shadows and massacres everyone!) a nice way to follow up the last few chapters (so you can put our fears to rest before ELIOT JUMPS OUT OF THE SHADOWS AND- well...you know the rest...)

I still don't like Terry much...frikking wimp.
8/4/2005 c27 Kizera
Well that's interesting terry is inerested in Dana huh, what do you suppose jamnis will think or do :O...I wounder what gavin has up his sleaves ...
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