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6/15/2005 c24 4Lady Katreina
Yay! Um... Who is the vampire that she reconizes?... I think I know...And about Jamnis... is it okay if I 'lend' him out to you when the time comes (just go ahead and take him, I've got him on traqs for the most part but you see he detoxes so quickly... It wouldn't be a problem)
6/13/2005 c24 Kaira
Lol, yeah I forgot to add in my last review that I think it's Nathen who's kissing Michael! If I'm right I'm going to be jumping up and down with joy, I am hardly ever right! I hope I'm right, it's exciting. Well keep on working cuz your doing a fabulous job!
6/13/2005 c24 Kaira
Wow, I mean wow! Hehe, that is so great... nice cliff hanger, so mean. Michael is gay? Wow, totally didn't see that one comming. This is comming along great. I really hope Jamnis is there becasue this Gavin guy really creeps me out. Well can't wait for the next update ^_~ Ciao!
6/9/2005 c24 Val
I'm back and I caught up with all the new chapters. very very good, and getting even more interesting, but now I'm super impatient for the next one! I hope it is soon finished. I hope it isn't who i think it is. *fingers crossed*
6/7/2005 c24 3Ullrina
That was so cool! *jumps up and down* ^_^V I really like her dad but her mother and her sister are blip! I think you get my point. ANyways, please write more!

Rae ^_^V
6/6/2005 c24 15Kella Trams
Hmm... Intriguing. I love the mother. She's incredibly annoying and evil and she gets on my nerves so much. She's great. The vampire boyfriend is extremely creepy and I love your descriptions of the way he talks. It's really original. I'm not so sure about Ariadne yet though. (how do you pronounce her name anyways? I'm having issues hearing it in my head, and I read everything so that I hear it spoken in my head) Her character seemed a bit unsteady or something. Maybe that's cause she's pregnant but I can't decide whether I like her or not. The whole table arrangement thing was a really nice touch, with the whole power alignment. I never would've thought of something like that. The ending was just a tad unclear for me. Like, I realize you are foreshadowing but it was kind of like... so much leaving things empty that I couldn't get a good mental picture in my head. It made me go... lip locked... what the hell does that mean? So it more confused me than intrigued me, that little bit anyways. I want more!
6/6/2005 c24 kazahana
I'm guessing Michael's in a liplock with Nathan since he attacked Scott but not Nathan when he wanted to take revenge for his sister. Can't wait for Jamnis to be back, I hope he's in the next chapter.
6/1/2005 c24 7DemonSurfer
Hmm...hints that it's Jammy, but...Ah, heck. I'll guess Avery and Vlad too. Why not? Less chance I'll get it wrong. Wow. Bitchy mommy. At ours is nice. ^^ She lets us keep almost any animal we catch. It's fun...'Kay, I await th' next chapter. Dana, you better have brought silver jewlery and that wooden spoon with you.
6/1/2005 c24 1Bellissimo Addio
I'ma guessin' it's... Jamnis! I dunno... Lol. I made it to last chapter! :D Yah! Well, I must go... It's lunchtime and I've been in the computer lab all lunch. I'm starving. I didn't eat dinner or breakfast. X.X I feel dead on my feet... *Wails*


5/31/2005 c24 79Ashes.to.Acid
I'm am so sorry for not reviewing! **begs for forgiveness** my comp has been a piece of shit lately. _
5/31/2005 c23 1Bellissimo Addio
Dude! I got here! You are most welcoming for my reviews. I'm happy to give 'em. Thanks for mentioning me! As to not writing good romance scenes, I think you do fine. I myself suck, however... And I've yet to post a story. Well, I have ONE... But it's a humorous short story. ^_^ Lol. Rambling is good for the soul.

5/31/2005 c24 2Foxonfire
-twitches- ok... that was kinda freaky at the end. I still think it's awsome and I hope you update soon!
5/31/2005 c22 1Bellissimo Addio
*Looking at reviewer recognition* Saucy minx? Torture basement? O...K... Can I join? Lol. My typical day consists of weird random phrases like that. Oh, and my hometown had a festival where they rolled a large chunk of cheese down a hill and people rolled after it. They call it, "Chasing the Cheese." Very original, no? Heh heh... I'm on to Chapter 23! Then 24! THEN, update time! YES! *Does weird happy dance* My role playing characters from the Dragonriders of Pern websites would like to have a word...

Danica: Hello! I like the idea of your torture basement! *Takes out chainsaw ans revs it*

Me: Uh... You guys aren't supposed to have those where you are! *Snatches away chainsaw and shoves Danica out door* *Screams:* NEXT!

Z'eth: *Enters with black dragon, Thranth* Heya! *Pokes spikedmango*

Me: *Scolding* What have I said about poking people?

Z'eth: ...I don't... Know.

Thranth: {He's absentminded. I shall speak on his behalf! We would like to start our plans for world domination.}

Me: *O_O* Umm... That's nice... I guess...


Me: Er... Sure. *Shoves them out door* NEXT!

Kastil: *Enters with a Crystal-Amber firelizard(mini dragon)* Good evening...

Me: /Someone who won't try to kill anything or take over the world!/ Hello Kastil!

Kastil: *Smiles quietly* Are you so sure?

Me: Huh? ...YOU READ MINDS? *Shoves Kastil out door then barricades the door with everything before sitting precariously on dresser* Ok, I've had enough of the rp characters... Let's leave 'em in the closet...


5/31/2005 c21 Bellissimo Addio
Dude, that was like the best BEST chapter! I loved the zombies; we need more zombies in stories. Don'tcha agree? I do... Heh. I think I'm addicted to this story... So I'm reading it up til the next update point. :D I love vampire stories... Heh. The weirdest secret desire I've ever had was to be a vampire. *Shrugs* It's true... I'm obssessed with 'em. *Grins*

5/30/2005 c24 52Liviania
I actually kinda liked Ariadne...she really did seem fond of her sister, and sweet.

But her mom...*shudder* I agree with Sirel's assessment.

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