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5/18/2005 c23 4Lady Katreina
*rubs hands together evily* "He is having much fun!""Come 'ere boy! He's had enough for now." A big barrel chested dog came out from a back room, looking very pleased with it's self. *Pats dog's head* *goes to back room* "Oh, My! Poor, poor Jamnis! You need a kiss..."*No sign of movement* "Arn't you the cutest thing!" *No movement* "Um... spikedmango... you won't get 'im back for a while" Lady Katreina looks behind her worridly."Oh and wonderful job on the story. *whistles as she walks away* I love Jamnis, OH, I love Jamnis..." voice fades away...

*bark, bark* (wait for me!)
5/18/2005 c23 Rae
yay! napoleon is awesome and so is pedro :) thanks for updating! i can't wait to see her family's reactions!
5/18/2005 c23 81TwystedFate
I love her dad in a weird sort of way. Oh. "Sutures are a piece of cake" .. .. .. .. .. please, tell me what planet you live on, because I'd love to move there. If sutures are a piece of cake, then I'm a banana. (pins are hell warmed over ..)
5/17/2005 c22 Turtle
I love your story but you know what?...I really got annoyed with Jamnis in like chapter 19 or 20 (something like that). He's always gone or not active when she's in trouble; makes me want to choke the living daylights out of him so he will magically show up and save her but Dana manages to save herself or get back on her feet so it's okay i guess. Okay you must be annoyed with my ranting review...but I'm glad Jamnis did some hero activities. I can't wait for the next update.
5/17/2005 c22 4Lady Katreina
"Woo woo! I've got Jamnis! *does a little dance*"Jamnis yells at me from backround, "You're worse than my previous owner-" a barking can be heard, "What in HELL is that."I smile, hard. "just ignore him..." *sweatdrop* "You made a wonderful story dear, wonderful, I loved it!"
5/15/2005 c22 7DemonSurfer
Geez am I lazy. Th' chapter's been updated for, what? 14 DAYS? Geez.Haha, I liked that. Zombie bits. Bet she never wants ta go into a MacDonald's again. But, th' fries are good! M, nothin' like th' MacDonald's fries...*drools*I stayed up all night. Again. It was fun, tho'. Need ta watch my recording of Metropolis. Too bad I didn't record Samuri Champloo, tho'. Say yay for break dancin' samuri! Yay!'Kay, I await th' next chapter! Wow, this review was...random. Caffine and insomnia. And maybe a bad dill pickle. Is that even possible? For a dill pickle to go bad?
5/11/2005 c13 1Bellissimo Addio
I think the interview with the vampire thing is funny... I love the vampire chronicles. *Grins* Great, btw.

5/11/2005 c9 medieval-scotsman
ive read all these today and they are great! medieval rogue recommended you and i just had to read, keep it up!
5/11/2005 c14 46AngelaSolis
Another brilliant chapter! So much new information and things to digest. I'm hooked now! And the pace! Great, it races on with never a second's dullness.

And I don't know why, when I tried to write 95 thousand in the Chap 13 review, it came out as 95,0. Odd.
5/11/2005 c13 AngelaSolis
I'm loving this story! It's so different from anything I've ever read. I've read from the beginning to Ch. 13 over the last few days, so I'll just do a general review of everything so far and not each chapter.I've never read a published Vampire novel so I have nothing to compare to. As I don't know the genre, I like how you bring in some information about the Vampire side of things, a little here and a bit there, not too much at once. I like how the story goes along normally for a few sentences, then something vampirish happens. It definitely keeps my interest going.

I can't think of any negative critism really. The characterisation is very good. I can visualise them all quite clearly, and by now I feel I'm getting to know Dana quite well. (Love the Greek names too.) I like Dana, she's well rounded and I love her sense of humour. This Chapter is the best so far. I've been waiting for something intriguing to happen, and now with the introduction of Minerva, it's about to, I think.

95,0 words is impressive. I hope it gets published! Now I'll read on when I have time.
5/10/2005 c22 15Kella Trams
Meh! I'm becoming like cyclonica. Addicted to FP.com and can not stop reviewing your story. This is the last one for now because I just finished reading what you've got so far! Yay! But okay, I got another confuzzlement. I love the "they rose from the grave" and the "that's where zombies generally come from." A bit later Sirel notices bite marks on Dana's neck. Then later on she says everything is healed over and Jamnis talks about "replacing" the old marks... so how could she have bite marks if they were healed over already? :-P I still love this story. And Eliot IS oh so evil. I'm very glad you put that action stuff in there with the necromancy and practically rising from the dead himself like three times because otherwise it would just be like... okay... he is killing people. But that made me scared of him, so yay for evilness.
5/10/2005 c20 Kella Trams
who, I like just reviewed, but I thought of something to say. I'm confused on two points. When Dana goes to her dorm and there are all the cops and everything, Turner says "Do you know this guy?" or something along those lines. I really don't know who he's talking about as Sirel is the one who died and Sirel is a girl... Other thing, I love the vampires crying blood thing only earlier on when Jamnis cries with Dana on his lap... I don't recall him crying blood. Is it an only sometimes thing? I is confuzzled.
5/10/2005 c1 Kella Trams
A friend recommended that I should read your story because she said it was just "so cool" and everything. It's hard to have a story about vampires and not be cool! So I started reading it and at first I was kinda like okay interesting take on things, but the more i read it the more I like it. I love your cliff hanger endings to chapters. I totally do that too. I really like your originality, and you make everything sound believable. It's not like fantasy fiction. it sounds more like historical fiction or a history of what could've been. And I love your opening line. Great attention grabber. I can't wait to finish reading this! Actually. Let me rephrase that. I can't wait to read more, but I don't want it to stop just yet! hehe. Thankyou for writing this.
5/4/2005 c22 52Liviania
I really enjoyed the passages of Jamnis/Dana action in this chapter-especially towards the end of the first chapter. The dialogue seemed snappier, or something.

5/4/2005 c22 3Ullrina
Now, Ive read up to 22! ^_^Anyways, please wirte more when you get the chance.
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