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5/4/2005 c22 2Gayle of Genisis
Wow this is great I love a good vampire story. Dana and Jamnis have some issues, we have been learning about abusive relationships, and Jamnis is the poster boy for abusive men. But he still seems adorable. But I have an eerie feeling it wont work out, am I right?
5/3/2005 c22 Kizera
lol i didnt mean are they going to, you asked if you should change it to M, so i said if they were to then yes x_x sorreh, this chap was good, wounder whats next
5/2/2005 c22 Rae
Yay! I'm happy to check my email because you update! yes... i think ill do the napoleon dynamite dance =)
5/2/2005 c22 81TwystedFate
"I closed my eyes and let him explore for a moment, until his fingers started rubbing the edges of my bra"

*totally dead on the floor, because she knows you and how much that would never happen to you*

Anyway, nice update. ;)
5/1/2005 c22 5Cyclonica
An evening gown... suspicious. I'm excited to meet the family. We meet them next chapter, right? (Hopefully?)Man, what was with Vlad at Eirene's mansion? Was he just horny? And that whole thing with Turner... creepy, man. Him and the way he died. Good chapter though. [Insert cheerful parting phrase]
5/1/2005 c22 6Medieval-Rogue

but damn it i want some sex scenes! Lol, half joking. I loved the part where she got the mental image of Eliot working at mcDonald's: "Dropping zombie bits in the fry oil. Oh gross."

LMFAO! That was hilarious. And i could understand not wanting to watch or even think about the whole golem thing. lol. mysterious tho, is the turner death and the auras stopping, and her lack of remembering things. Duh duh duh DUN!

And evening gowns ARE expensive...i wouldn't know personally, i would never pay over $70 for a dress, and even 70 is pushing it. by far.

I have one more POV to write for Chapter 10...but i'm having a little trouble wanting to write it...im slacking, i know...

4/28/2005 c21 3Ullrina
Cool story! Love it! ^_^ Plaese write more when you get the chance.
4/24/2005 c21 Cloudie
LOVE IT! XD This is so so amazing. It's interesting too. XD can't wait to read the next chapter. hehehe
4/23/2005 c21 xoesotericox
ahh! this scene reminded me of harry potter or something..dunno why! it seems like this is the climax..now for the resolution! muwahhaha. or..is it not the resolution..but only the beginning that is to come? *headdesk* anyway, nice job! glad eliot is 'dead'..or is he not? you always try to pull one of these stunts out! and yes..the GRAPHIC stuff in the previous chapters ie: "The kiss was amazing. Avery was gentle and patient, if a little insistent. It felt strange to have his tongue exploring my mouth, running over my teeth, stroking my own tongue. I tried to push back once or twice, but he didn’t let me. This felt like forever." *run*
4/21/2005 c2 Lady Silver fang
Great story so far..havent..read all of it..yet...-_- But I will get to..it..lol..
4/18/2005 c21 52Liviania
And the addict is hooked. ^^

I don't think the rating should go up...I guess I'm sixteen now, but I could've handled this at thirteen. The end was deliciously creepy...too bad it wasn't the real Eliot.

4/18/2005 c21 Evil Leprechaun
great chap! yea move it up just to be safe don't want peeps makin a fuss over it. one more day of testing! me so happy! ok well great chap update soon! laters
4/18/2005 c21 81TwystedFate
I'm a sweet person, so here, have my saviour backslash mecca:


.. Latin to English *and* English to Latin.

And don't ever write scenes like that again. Saucy minx.
4/18/2005 c21 1enpulsate
WoW.. T_T So good! I read all 21 chapters. HOLY CRAP! that's a lot, hehee. Please continue :D Can't wait for more.
4/17/2005 c21 7DemonSurfer
Oh, that was creepy...haha, I liked the part where Jammy asked if they were having sex. Um, you could change the rating if you wanted too. I dont really care, and i'm not 13 anymore. Im 14. But I've still got the mental process of a 6 year old. Um, some of the paragraphs are accidently winding up as italics.
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