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4/17/2005 c21 5Cyclonica
Okay, first things first: love the bad guy. Truly I do. So evil! The golem part almost made me laught - I was thinking, they just went through hell and they haven't KILLED him yet? And it was so cool that Dana fought him off! LOVED the are we having sex line. And through the chapter I really liked how you worked in the thunder/lightning references; you did a good job of building the atmosphere so I wouldn't distinctly notice it. Tension-building, like. Yah. Ooh, I'm gonna love their relationship after this. And explaining this to Sirel. That'll be fun. But hm... now that Minerva's dead, how the hell's she gonna get the bracelet off? Will it lead to her getting powers? (Do I sense a plot twist?) Um... Is it irritating that I ask these sorts of things? I'm just worried that you don't want people reading them. ANYWAY I completely understand you don't want to disclose plotness until it's happened and it would ruin it anyway. I just kind of ask things to be annoying. Hee. Also you are not an idiot! Never say idiot. Unless you're refering to one of the many good-looking stupids. In which case it's acceptable. Okay I've ranted long enough. Thanks for updating!
4/17/2005 c21 6Medieval-Rogue
oh...its NOT FAIR! i wanna know what Jamnis is gonna do...but i dont KNOW what he's gonna do...friggin gonna bug me till the next chapter...damn it...

anyway- I loved this chapter. The bad guy was genius..like 17 years old..and totally f-ing evil! And Dana got stabbed! Okay...so thats not so great...and the "are we having sex" comment from Jammy was HILARIOUS! I also liked how helpless Dana made me feel, the descriptions just sucked me in- the gravel in her cuts, the knife pain, the sandal breaking: everything! It was all great!

Then there was the corny-but-not-so-corny classic horror movie scene: the hand coming from the ground! LMFAO! It was creepy though, all of it was thought-provoking and heart-striking! Hell Yeah, and Party Hard!

Cheers until yours or mine next chapter! (pays your muse with coffee...hehehe)
4/17/2005 c21 Kizera
well that was weird, what will happen next?, don't tkae to long to update, i wounder if jamnis or Dana will ever have sex XD cause if they do, then you know to change it to M, anywho, it's pretty good i like it, can't say that it was awsome, since it talked bout the loser eliot "shoots him" die Bish :{..but it was good jamnis is coo, good luck on the next chapter
4/17/2005 c21 4Lady Katreina
WHoo It's awsome... I dunno if you should change the rateing. Maybe you should to be on the safe side...Thanks alotta! I love it so far!(hides Jamnis behind back and makes off with him in tow *laughs hysterically* 'He's mine!' x_x)
4/17/2005 c21 Rae
You are amazing1 M heroe! I love you... okay maybe not that one but thanks for updating! Note to self- never eat sugar and read a good story :D
4/17/2005 c21 snow blossoms
dude. this chapter was awesome. i loved the gore and fantasy and all the good-ness and suspense. THANK YOU FOR UPDATING! This was a great chapter. ^^
4/17/2005 c1 lizzie
wow, that was really really good! I like how you set it in a world where vampires are excepted. That made it intresting from the beggining. i also think you need to keep writing so that i can find out what happens next he he he ...
4/16/2005 c16 5Cyclonica
Hello, it's me again. It made me smile that my reviews made you smile. I also did a happy dance. Also I had lots of things to say so I'm just reviewing a chapter I didn't earlier cuz of the whole 1-review-per-chapter thing. Gr. ANYWAY: Zee says hi and is flattered. She bows humbly and says she wouldn't dream of being superior to such a skilled muse. Thank Seth for me, okay? Also, she wants me to tell you that she would be happy to use her flyingness to take you to the Fuji Islands or something for a vacation for a reasonable fee, which could be waived if you updated. Okay! Now onto the still-happy-ish-but-less-light-hearted-banter part of the review. (Remember when I said I'd get to constructive criticism?) As I read this, two things bothered me, which did not surface until I was thinking about it later while I was supposed to be doing homework. The first thing is rather trivial: in chapter 20 Michael's all shocked and mad to find out she knows Minerva, but he was just recently at Minerva's house seeing Dana work there, so he'd know she'd know her. Yeah. 2nd thing: if Jamnis is so all-mighty-vampire-y, and he knows enough about Eliot Fleischer to find out his name, why doesn't he just kill him after he finds out what he did to Sirel? Or even before that? Does Eliot have vampire protectors that Jamnis can't get around? Is Jamnis just staying on the good side of the law because he's a cop? Etc, etc, nitpick nitpick. ANYWAY: things I didn't think of to say in my Veruca Salt review: will there be meaningfulness to the fact that she's having memory blanks? Er, one memory blank? Which just HAPPENS to be a vampire power? Or am I thinking wistfully of another plot twist... oh, and that really important thing Michael has to tell Dana? Is Michael, by any chance, ALSO dating a vampire? (Cue dramatic music) ("Always been nice to me" indeed. AND there was that sly "same shade of red" thing. See? Clues all over the place.) Well that was a nice long (potentially irritating) review. Update soon. Hah.
4/15/2005 c20 Cyclonica
Oh you are so evil. Damn it! Damn damn damn! Okay, a list of my wishes: I want to meet Gavin, I want to meet Ariadne, I want to meet Ariadne's boyfriend, I want Jamnis to meet Ariadne's boyfriend and cow him into humiliation or something good like that, I want to meet the parents and have it explained to them exactly why their daughter ran off, I want to find out if/when Dana will be able to use her powers, I want to see Nathan MURDERED, I don't care who does it, be it Dana or Sirel or Michael or Jamnis or Avery, or Eirene, I want the parents to see their daughter's neck, I want the parents to meet Jamnis, and so very many other things that I think would make excellent juicy bits. Feul my addiction! Also, by any chance, does Michael's bloodtype have any importance on the story? So yeah. You're my new hero. Update soon.
4/15/2005 c19 Cyclonica
No, no... I love your chapter endings too. Damn it, this next one's the last chapter...
4/15/2005 c18 Cyclonica
You have so made my day. If this gets better it may very well be my week. Hee hee hee this is better than chocolate. Damn it when is Jamnis coming back.
4/15/2005 c17 Cyclonica
Sque! Ooh, I love this! This is my favorite type of gut-wrenching happy suspense time! You are officially added to my faves lists. Both of 'em. Be happy. I am certainly happy. This is the sort of thing where I read a book, and then because it was so good I go back and read the juicy parts, and this point in your story would be one of them. Oh so happy. Hah! They need to come up with a hormone activated by good parts in books so I can say I'm addicted to it.
4/15/2005 c14 Cyclonica
E hee hee hee hee! Oh, you're so wonderfully evil. Plot-wise/cliff-hanger-ly, that is. I'm gonna hate getting to the end of this. Man, that sucks for Dana. Cool thing about that whole Jamnis-protecting-her-now, though. That sounds promising. Oh, this is good. Don't worry... eventually I'll get to actually giving constructive criticism... just right now I'm having fun reading it. Yay!
4/15/2005 c13 Cyclonica
Well, I was going to wait until chap 20 to review, but since you said most people didn't on this chapter I thought I would. Oh, twins and bloodtypes and psychic powers! Plot twists! I love it! You've hooked yourself a fan. Congrats. I for one am very excited to see how Jamnis reacts the next time he sees Dana and how he threatens to avenge the CD switch. Muahahaha!
4/15/2005 c1 Cyclonica
Tell you if I liked it? Ok: Yes. Yes, I liked it. More reviews to come.
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