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4/10/2005 c20 6Medieval-Rogue
*jumps up and down*


Lol, I liked the beginning. It was kind of hilarious how Scott just drank from her, and then was weak (and smart) enough to be afraid of Dana. And then the sugar packets- lol. But I liked the end the best. It's very mysterious, the whole aura thing, and then in the end! OH! YEAH! She better scream BLOODY MURDER if she doesn't want to die, cuz maybe jamnis can save her...

Hehehehe...Way to go- update soon, and I'll talk to ya more when i send ya beta material...my damn muse is slacking again *smacks his ass* GET TO WORK!


PS- I thought the whole angelic aura thing, with the energy going through his 'wings' was pwetty!
4/8/2005 c20 52Liviania
This is an awesome story! Wonderfully twisty plot...intriguing characters...I'm so hooked.

4/8/2005 c20 Rae
Omgosh! What an awesome chapter! Keeps getting better and better :D
4/7/2005 c20 Evil Leprechaun
great chapter! loved it! whats gonna happen to her! wheres Jamnis hes supose to protect her! update soon! lucky you you're still on spring break mine ended like two weeks ago. lucky! i hate MAP testing! oh well as long as you update it'll make my life a lot better! ok i gotta go now but don't forget to update! Laters
4/6/2005 c20 7DemonSurfer
Before you bite the next human you find, ask him. They usually know. Aw, poor Vladdie...yeah, that didn't sound quite right...anyways, ahh! Beware Dana! Hmm, where'd Jammy go? I bet it's writtin, an I just din't pay that much attention. Lemme see...aha. Bet he left a dent. Okies, you get a fire extenguisher!@ Though I dont see what you'd want it for...*stares at flames and drools*
4/6/2005 c20 jen
thank god you didn't kill my vlad! hahha.. i knew minerva was the one to die.. and you used the fire incident! yes...finally..someone dies. *satisfied*
4/6/2005 c20 Kizera
I'm woundering what kind of power does Dana have if michal can make fire and such, since she is just taking all the energy and so on what can she do with it?, also I'm starting to guess that, michale is the one who statrted the fire huh, is minerva really dead?
4/6/2005 c20 CHIPMUNK1
I am so hating you right now. And yet, not really... ^_^;; Well, you have me more confused than ever with all this... am I right in thinking Michael's big surprise has to do with shounen ai?

Please update, and forgive me for not signing in, Chippie feels lazy today.

4/1/2005 c19 xoesotericox
ok...wtf? TELL ME.
3/30/2005 c19 1meaningless evil
very good story! the more i read, the more i like. Keep up the good work. i only have one problem with your chapters though... I hate the endings! You leave off at the BEST parts! Oh well, it's just one thing i get to do with my story. it's called My Own Nightmare if you wanna read it. ok, class bell just rang so i have to stop the review here. i'll probably post more for your next chapter. Later!
3/29/2005 c19 16Lady MeiLin
You stopped at such a horrible spot! ^^ Course it keeps me coming back. Michael shot Nathan? Ohh...the plot thickens. Glad to hear that I inspired you...can't wait for the next update. Ciao!

3/29/2005 c19 Rae
Hehe! Yes, you updated-i'm happy now. Hahah i'm hyper and yeah in 7th grade we had to watch a scary guy do tybo lol. Is Michael a supernatural being or just a human? Update soon!
3/27/2005 c19 Evil Leprechaun
great chap! please update soon! Laters
3/27/2005 c16 1Remy418
3/27/2005 c19 6Medieval-Rogue
Hehe, because Nathan is not ONLY evil, but also sexy...Scotts pretty evil too...

Lol, it was great turnout for the healer thing- totally cool! And the suspense- my dear goddess, whether it was you or Seth: NICE WORK! The mystery around the bracelt...superb. Evil cliffhanger ending in which Dana gets bitten (again)...check.

and THE LONG AWAITED RETURN OF JAMNIS- priceless. Lol, I must say i loved the ending tho, Michael shot Scott! then where's Nathan...hell, where's Machael? Lol, next time on BAD BLOOD! ... Allritey...so i'm a little high off of easter candy...i dont even celebrate easter...i celebrated ostara almost a week ago...hehehe...oh well...chocolate's chocolate, no matter the holiday!

hmm...Turner needs to get a life...Izumi the demon better stay away...and avery better not cry again...cuz i will too :(

OVERALL - perfect chapter...well, you spelled tae-bo wrong...(tybo)...but oh well, the story and everything else besides the little 5 letter-hyphenated word was great!

~Always desperate for more...Medival-Rogue~

PS thanks for mentioning me, regardless of whether they check me out or not...cookies to you for beeing so sweet!
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